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President Bush just finished a press conference dealing gov't efforts to help buyers having trouble with payments.. It included a statement about how many are approaching " ARM resets " and how vital homeownership is to the American Dream.   Reaction was positive but concerned that too few would ...
I still believe there are buyers out there looking for a good opportunity.  This is a classic buyers' market with          * plenty of attractively priced listings         * relatively cheap financing          * and sellers who appreciate a well qualified buyer.  So, why arn't we all selling more...
We have all read the posts about how the market has changed and why there is so much Realtor turnover.  My thought is that if you are lucky enough to rate highly in the following areas your chances of making it in this market are much greater. 1. Come to the right party.  Be a Realtor because you...
As if the market isn't tough enough !     We are all tired of the negative real estate news served up on a daily basis.  Hopefully agents have been able to tune it out and not get too bummed by the daily slamming of the market.  Well, this morning may have seen a new low to this fiasco.  The annu...
 Yesterday I posted about my neighbors'  15 ft boat almost sinking in front of our house.  We noticed it in time and started to pump it out.  He loses patience and tries to hoist it with the davits on his seawall.  Of course it was too heavy still and the weight collapsed the davit !  During our ...
Just finished helping my neighbor with his boat.  He had it tied up in front of the house.  We live on a canal here on Fort Myers Beach.  I noticed that it was taking on water and wanted to help.  His boat is only 15 ft or so but you know how heavy it can get when anything is half full of water. ...
I'm normally a very positive guy.  So this post isn't meant to look at things in a negative light or paint with a broad brush.  But... Can't help but notice a not very subtle shift in the focus of this forum when the topic involves loans and the loan industry.  Approx 6 months ago there were many...
I have been in Real Estate about 3 years.  During that relatively short time I have seen many agents come and go.  I started thinking about why so many agents fail or leave our  business:     1. They got in for all the wrong reasons: No plan, no understanding of the way this business works and ho...
Our market here on Fort Myers Beach has been in a major correction for the last 18 months or so.  Al of us have had to find new and more effective ways to be successful in this challenging market.  Our office probably does as well as any on the island and we struggle to sell the many listings we ...

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