real estate: Invest a Tax Refund in Your Home: 5 Great $1,000 Projects - 03/03/10 08:15 AM
Tax time, you've worked hard all year and timidly had your taxes prepared only to find out that you'll be receiving a big fat check from Uncle Sam. Before you run off and just "blow" the money you worked so hard for, consider investing some in your home. Read this article and then you may consider one or more of the five great projects. For more great real estate tips or if you're thinking of buying or selling a home in Appleton or the Fox Cities Valley just call or text Bob Edwards (920) 202-2431 or email … (1 comments)

real estate: It's Blustery in the Fox Cities Valley Today, 8 Ways to Seal Air Leaks - 02/24/10 05:41 AM
It's Blustery in the Fox Cities Valley Today, 8 Ways to Seal Air Leaks It's 21 degrees, light snow flurries and a blustery wind out of the north at 14 miles an hour. Sound cold, you bet it is! The last thing you want is to have that weather inside, it belongs outside and that's where it should stay. With windy conditions like we have today, if there are any leaks in your home, you'll find them. That's why I'm sharing this article by Jeanne Huber, these 8 tips will show you ways to seal those leaks and save energy, live … (0 comments)

real estate: This Just In- Survey Identifies Multi-Generational As Trend In Real Estate - 02/23/10 06:31 AM
From the desk of Tricia Voskuil at our corporate headquarters in Appleton, WI, I'd like to share the following information from a recent survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.
Multi-Generational Homes a Growing TrendTricia Voskuil2/22/2010
Coldwell Banker Survey Identifies Multi-Generational Homes As a Trend in Real Estate
 37 Percent of Coldwell Banker Real Estate Professionals Surveyed Have Seen More Families Looking for Homes that Accommodate Multiple Generations
APPLETON, WI (Feb. 22, 2010) - Family reunions are taking on a new meaning in the real estate market. According to a recent survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC among its network of … (6 comments)

real estate: 8 Tips to Downsizing with Style - 02/08/10 06:13 AM
While moving into a home of any size can be a large undertaking, for buyers looking to downsize, the transition is often more challenging. But whether they are empty nesters requiring less space, young professionals moving to a new city for job opportunities or families looking to save, more and more buyers in today’s real estate market are opting to downsize.
Though moving to a smaller space may involve making a few sacrifices, having less room does not mean having to scale back on style. In fact, a homeowner with minimal square footage to work with can maximize their home’s overall … (4 comments)

real estate: Celebrating 50 Years... Coldwell Banker- The Real Estate Group, Inc. - 02/05/10 05:02 AM
I'm very proud to be a part of Coldwell Banker- The Real Estate Group, Inc. who is now celebrating 50 years in business. This is such a huge accomplishment and not one that's achieved by very many companies.
Here's an article written by our own Tricia Voskuil.
Congratulations go out to Joyce and Otto Bytof!

real estate: FHA to Raise Minimum Downpayment - 01/20/10 05:58 AM
I just read an article from Realtor Magazine Online that I thought was important enough to share. The article was written well enough that you don't need me to re-write it so here you go...
Daily Real Estate News  |  January 20, 2010  |   Share
FHA To Toughen Down Payment Rules
The Federal Housing Administration will raise the minimum down payment for its least credit-worthy borrowers, agency announced Tuesday.Borrowers with credit-rating scores below 580 will be required to put down at least 10 percent. Those with a credit score above 580 will be able to continue to put down only 3.5 percent. The changes … (3 comments)

real estate: In The Fox Cities It's A Buyer's Market... Unless You're A Seller - 05/08/08 09:34 AM
In the Fox Cities area it's a Buyer's Market, unless you're selling and then it's a Seller's Market. What if you're doing both you ask, well....perhaps it's a wash. There's no question that of late the Real Estate Market has been volatile in many ways, a virtual roller-coaster if you will. So how do we define our present market conditions.
Lets take a look at the terms we so commonly hear and break them down. First up is BUYER'S MARKET, this simply defined means that the market has more inventory (people selling their home) than buyers, the end result of which is lower … (3 comments)

real estate: Perfect Home In The Perfect Fox Cities Location - 05/06/08 02:56 AM
Allow me to introduce 1311 Blueberry Lane, Neenah, WI
Beautifully landscaped and manicured yard lends to the curb appeal that shouts "WELCOME HOME". 
1,766 square foot home has all of the City Amenities and a bonus of Panoramic Country Views in this Fox Cities setting. Watch the Whitetail Deer and Sandhill Cranes play in the field behind your home and enjoy the convenience of Neenah High School just around the corner. Memorial Park is only one house away with walking trails and a great vaitety of activities for all.
Maximize your lifestyle, Formal Living Room, spacious Kitchen & Dining with Breakfast Bar and plenty … (6 comments)

real estate: Appleton and Fox Cities Home Buyers and Sellers Are Active... But Cautious - 04/22/08 10:21 AM
Appleton, Fox Cities and surrounding areas are alive with home buyers and home sellers but there's something different about them. I don't mean different in a bad way either, far from it. I've found that both home buyers and sellers are very educated on the national real estate market conditions which in turn makes them proceed cautiously. Even though buyers an sellers may be cautious they're eager to learn more about our market to help themselves get past their fears and I'm eager to tell them.
As a Realtor working in the current real estate market conditions I really need to stay on top of things both … (2 comments)

real estate: Raised My Visibility Using Active Rain... In Just 15 Days and 5000 Points - 03/28/08 06:38 AM
I wouldn't have believed it but I've gone from being nearly invisible to visible on the web in just 15 days and 5000 points. I've followed Active Rain for awhile but I was always hesitant about joining because it looked so overwhelming to me. Two weeks ago last Thursday I finally said the heck with it, I'm goin' in, and what a difference that short period of time made.
Here's what happened; I started reorganizing, restructuring, redesigning my business and wanted the Internet to be a big part of it. 80% of buyers and/or sellers start their search for a home … (60 comments)

real estate: Now I'm Blogging! - 03/13/08 11:10 AM
I took the leap of faith and now I'm blogging. I admit it, it's my first time. I'm looking forward to using Bob's Blog as another creative tool to help people with real estate needs in the Fox Cities. I'm at the Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group Appleton office on John St. The office location is perfect for me being centrally located and easy to access the entire Fox Valley area and surrounding cities. Being my first time with the Blog I'll quit while I'm ahead but I look forward to coming back. Thanks- Bob … (11 comments)

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