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The Federal Reserve again lowered a key interest rate by .5% to 1%. This interest rate is called the “federal funds rate” which is the interest banks charge each other on overnight loans. From an historical perspective, this rate has not been lower since 1958 and represents an aggressive move by...
In a former life, I was Mr. Freeze. I'm not kidding. I was a licensed bill collector in 50 states and my pseudonym was Mr. Richard Freeze. I was in the Credit Industry for many years and I worked both sides of the business. I collected and I also educated the public on sane money management. Bef...
How are you dealing with all of the technological changes in your life? Let's face it, iPods, computers, telecommunication technology and other tools have literally transformed our world. I don't know about you in your career but as a Realtor (c) it's incredibly important that I keep up with a M...
King 5 News is a large, local news dynasty in Seattle, WA. Today they published an interesting link to an on-line test for would-be millionaires. The test was developed by Jeff Lehman, author of the book: The Frugal Millionaires.For those of you who would like to know if you're  "millionaire" ma...
Redfin began it's adventure into the Real Estate world in 2004 which was a very different time than today: home sales were easy; everyone had a real estate license or was a loan officer; houses were selling quickly and an irrational exuberance permeated the world. Then Redfin came along with som...
The ad above appeared in the Northwest Magazine insert of the Seattle Times today. Geoff Wood, the CEO of Windermere Real Estate has exerpted the words of his agent Leanne Finlay who wrote these timely words in her blog. The message: TAKE YOUR HOME OFF THE MARKET! When I read this, I almost drop...
I finally had an opportunity to listen to This American Life's program entitled: "Giant Pool of Money." My friends, this should be required listening BY ALL AMERICANS. It is  the most articulate explanations of this complex situation I've found. This program brings the listener right into the he...
Here in the Pacific Northwest, in spite of what the media proclaims, we are experiencing a serious slump in housing sales. I like the picture above as it's emblematic of what the sellers and the real estate agents need to do: they all need a serious brain scan. As a Realtor (c), I spend a lot of...
Picture by Isobel T Most of us have heard of the 16th Centur Pahrmacist/seer Nostradamus who has been credited with the prediction of wars, Hitler, natural disasters, etc.. Unfortunately, or fortunately, he didn't have much to say about the current world financial crisis. One reason is that they...

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