online: Happy Friday the 13th! Lucky You, Its 50% Off - 08/05/10 04:58 AM
Happy Friday the 13th from FloorPlanOnline - Use this 50% off Coupon Code on the Self Service Photo Tour before time runs out. Its Simple. You take the photos of your real estate listing and upload them to FloorPlanOnline. Enter the code in the video to receive the discount. Self Service Photo Tours Only. Its a one time use Code that will work until Friday the 13th is over! FloorPlanOnline creates Premium Real Estate Marketing Websites and Virtual Tours for Top of the Line Realtors. FPO Tours are Simple, Effective and Affordable. … (3 comments)

online: A peek at whats new and $0 / FPO 2.0 Beta Launch - 02/25/10 08:00 AM
Just launched the new look to the FloorPlanOnline Website today - gotta love wordpress websites.
Along with the shiny new images we've included helpful content like listing presentations custom made for many of our top clients. (just send a logo and Ill make yours if not already there) and Free Demo tours for any agent or broker who registers (also great to show home sellers).
The really cool new Virtual Tour features and Robust Marketing are kind of under wraps for now - but we are getting ready to do the Beta Launch for FPO 2.0. Current registered clients will … (0 comments)

online: Location Location Location is Dead Dead Dead in 2010 - 01/06/10 01:34 AM
It came as a shock to me while reading the latest 2009 NAR Survey results. After all, Location is king, and I view NAR as providing Quality Data …Right? A few questions came to mind: What survey question was asked? Should agent and broker marketing efforts change? What took the #1 spot?
First – It could be that the results are due in part to the question asked. “What are the factors that most influence where you buy” The answer options took location – and split it up into 8 separate proximity questions. They used the word Convenience – as in … (8 comments)

online: Response to Social Media tools overwelming for Virtual Tour Company - 08/26/09 08:42 AM
Yeah - we almost capsized the ship due to the flood of orders and response from agents. I had no idea social media tools tied to virtual tours could have such a profound effect!  FloorPlanOnline Tours are going viral - homeowners are happy, homes are selling and agents are calling in the praise.  Thanks to those of you that have said the nice words.
Brief Summary to review: We simply added the ability for anyone to comment, post, tweet, blog (you get the idea) to any FloorPlanOnline Virtual Tour.  there are buttons on each tour - you click "twitter" and the … (0 comments)

online: Europe bags print for SEO and SEM - Are we FAR behind? - 04/29/09 03:53 AM
I guess I should say "Its about gosh-darn time". 
Today on Econsultancy I found that a study by EIAA (interactive Advertising Association) says 70% of Advertisers in Europe will be removing funds from Traditional media budgets in favor of Online Advertising this year. 55% will be increasing SEO budgets while 45% will increase their SEM budget.
Two things: First - I would guess that the US is dragging behind this stat, and even with newspapers failing people are still investing in direct mail, radio and other poor ROI has beens.
Second: Another nice win for google, who stands to gain the … (1 comments)

online: Builder Beta Floorplan Online Marketing Program - 04/14/09 03:13 AM
FloorPlanOnline has been helping top brokers and agents nationwide for almost five years.  We create top of the line interactive floorplan websites and tours for properties at a very reasonable price.  Yet FPO has almost ignored builders by not creating programs to assist builders sell properties online.  Our growth and success has allowed us to expand our product line and extend our service.
Here's the Scoop - As we refine our builder tools and roll out our new program,  I need to collect some feedback from residential builders - predominantly those builders who are builder developers - or represent the majority of the listings in … (0 comments)

online: Thrifty Marketing Value - Did I get what I paid for? - 04/13/09 10:19 AM
I used to believe in the adage "you get what you pay for".    I even have used this thought process in talking with agents and builders about marketing (WARNING: obligatory product plug coming!) as in FloorPlanOnlineinteractive tours cost more than a Freepicasa slide show, however, you get what you pay for.... you get the idea. 
This all changed today as I tried to book a rental car for an extended trip on  Trying to keep cost down I have a tough decision to make here.  Should I get a Hyundai or a Chrysler?  I would guess they would be about the … (0 comments)

online: Builders Spring Marketing: Tired, Poor, Shuttered Masses yearning to be sold - 04/02/09 08:59 AM
Just drove past 3 local neighborhoods (read sales offices) with homes under construction in the 200-500k price range. You are all to familiar with the box that sits on the post in the front yard: INFO TAKE ONE -  yet the marketing material box was empty, "OPEN" flags faded and torn and grass not yet mowed, in fact the yard at one was growing out of control.  It looks like they have skipped town or thrown in the towel.
A builders tattered Flags at half mast today.
If these places were restaurants, you would expect to see a "accidental fire" that started in the kitchen- allowing the owner … (2 comments)

online: Make your own Interactive FloorPlan Tour - DIY and Save - 02/24/09 05:46 AM
The Virtual Tour Company FloorPlanOnline, used by top agents nationwide to market mid to high end listings now offers an entry level priced "DIY" version at a fraction of the price.  Typicaly costing around $200, the "Basic" or Self Serve $59.00 Interactive FloorPlan Tour boasts all of the features agents have grown to love (video, flyers, google maps, high resolution floorplans and industry best customer care).
You dont need to know complex software or spend hours online.  There are Three easy steps.
1)Photograph your listing, 2) Photograph your existing blueprint or floorplan sketch, then  3)Upload your content to FloorPlanOnline. 
Our Production Department will digitaly reproduce your floorplan, … (0 comments)

online: FloorPlanOnline Embeddable Tour - 02/12/09 07:44 AM
FloorPlanOnline has released the Beta version of the Embeddable FloorPlan Tour for tours placed this spring. The tour version below may be dropped in your favorite blog. Try it out and let me know what you think - click the red photo icons in the rooms to test! We continue to innovate and produce leading tour products for agents and builders that work with us. Currently there is no charge for this Beta feature. … (2 comments)

online: Where will the Virtual Tour Go? Does VCU tour hint at the future? - 12/23/08 03:35 AM
VCU Medical Center wanted to familiarize its staff as to the progress and status on their new facility as it was under construction.  Creating a normal virtual tour would not be enough for this state of the art facility. FloorPlanOnline was there to help. The Prescription would call for integrated video, still photos and floorplans for all 11 floors.  
The final product allows staff to view individual work station construction progress photos, specific layout information and overall building easy to navigate floorplan.  Much of the building was photographed, while main passageways and large rooms were digitallyvideo recorded.  Thus the Staff is able to view the … (2 comments)

online: Armed Forces, and over seas; Searching for a home back home - 07/31/08 02:40 AM
From my inbox today, a rare message from a non agent worth sharing!  Deborah has lived with her husband in Europe the last three years,  and is hunting online for a home.
Deborah - glad we can help in your search.  Best of luck with the NAVY and let us know how the search concludes!
Message :Dear FloorPlanOnline, I am not a real estate agent, I amsimply looking for a house online (I'm currently stationed overseas).I just had to tell you that in my opinion your product deserves 5stars. Reviewing hundreds of listings the past few months has beenchallenging to say the least … (0 comments)

online: Press Release: Nationwide Service Providers can Photograph and Measure Agents Listings - 07/15/08 03:49 AM
For Immediate Release
Agents Go "Virtually Hands Free" with FloorPlanOnline
July 15, 2008 - Today's Real Estate agents are required to have a strong working knowledge of a wide variety of digital tools in a seemingly decreasing amount of time.  The time many agents plan on marketing a listing can get wasted simply loading and stitching photos for a virtual tour.  Then there are flyers to design, videos to post and blogs to write - and today's sellers want it all done with a very high level of quality. From Flyers to FloorPlans, Virtual Tours to Videos - FloorPlanOnline can save … (0 comments)

online: Press Release: FloorPlanOnline to Demonstrate at Inman SF Conference - 07/14/08 08:48 AM
For Immediate Release
FloorPlanOnline will Demonstrate At Inman Connect SF Conference
July 14, 2008 - Kris Cone, CEO, Michael Rahmn, CTO and Chris Drayer, Central Region Sales Manager, will be demonstrating the exciting concepts being marketed by FloorPlanOnline to top real estate professionals and real estate companies throughout the North America and the U.K.  at the Inman Connect Conference in San Francisco, July 22-25 2008 at Demo Station #D10 on the second floor of the conference. 
"Today's buyers demand quality content online, and Interactive FloorPlans allow buyers to click and see individual rooms, space and views as well as room dimensions" … (0 comments)

online: Hey Chicago, Please meet my friend FloorPlanOnline - 04/10/08 04:00 AM
Hello Chicago, My name is FloorPlanOnline
FloorPlanOnline is NEW to the Chicago market, (but with Active Rain since the start) and you can get in on the action.
FloorPlanOnline has been called the "Single best marketing tool for Real Estate Agents" - even in today's market.  If you would like to view an online demonstration and or invite FloorPlanOnline to present to your agents please drop us a line.
Agents that work with FloorPlanOnline have no contract and pay per listing - frequently replacing outdated and dizzying spinning virtual tours while utilizing the FPO production department that builds tours and edits photos for … (0 comments)

online: Your copy of "My Blue Goose" - 11/04/07 11:05 PM

Ok, so I don't read printed materials often - But I heard a rumor that this book has some great info on cool trends in real etate marketing.  It was just released on Nov 2nd - so hot off the press!
 I would guess that it would fit in a fellow agents stocking  - and since the market is a "bit slow" perhaps it has freed up some time for you to read.  As of this morning, there are no reviews on Amazon.
From my friends email it sounds like a good cook book for todays market.  I just ordered my copy. 

online: Oh, Hi-Oh (a marketing view from a rental car) - 08/15/07 05:28 AM
Apparently, it is customary to greet people in Columbus not with the traditional "Hi", "Hello" or "good morning" but rather with a firm "O, H"  which if said in a booming full voice will elicit the window shattering "I, O" from everyone in the metro area.
The Ohio State University plays a big role in the youthfulness of the city. Being from Big XII Country, Ive not experienced this phenomenon before, but the proud locals of Columbus Ohio have reason to boat about their growing Capital City.  As an Outsider I was expecting the traditional Midwest hospitality and kindness but was greatly impressed by the areas Amenities - both culinarilly … (10 comments)

online: Sign of the Times (online marketing) - 07/17/07 02:45 AM
Marketing the fact that you do virtual tours is ok - (I don't prefer the spinning ones) But it seems to me that including in your marketing pieces or presentation the fact that you do virtual tour...well...  its a bit like the old hotels that advertise "Free HBO" or "Air Conditioned". 
 - Hotel guests today assume the Hampton Inn et all Have a/c these days. (isn't free wifi the same way now?) It just goes with out saying. 
Home Sellers Believe you are already doing online marketing and that you are an expert at selling a home online.  If you are not an expert online, … (2 comments)

online: Live in Chicago area this week: FloorPlanOnline - 07/10/07 02:05 AM
FloorPlanOnlineis a national company that integrates real-estate floorplans with photos for a spectacular online tour.  Service Providers collect the content or you may provide the content (photos and floorplans) while the production department does the photo editing and builds the tour. 
No Setup, membership or software fee - just pay per listing.
As FloorPlanOnline's Marketing Director I am in Chicago for the next week and a half and still have availability for live (in person) or online / over the phone demonstrations for Top agents and Brokers. 
Demo Tour Link:

online: Do you have a Production Department / litter-box issue? - 03/30/07 12:51 AM
Photo Editing is frequently skipped or can eat away at agents time - the photo you thought was perfect, has the cats litter-box right in the foreground, or in the bathroom mirror you can see your good looking elbow jutting into view.  But Elbows and Litter-boxes don't sell homes...What to do - re-shoot the photo and bug the homeowner? Skip that photo on your online tour?  Do nothing at all?
FloorPlanOnline offers the use of its production department at no extra charge on every order (even our $29 photo tour with movie). Photos are scrutinized for hue, brightness, color and yes... litter-boxes... … (3 comments)