youtube: Real Estate Buzz Words and Shiny Objects - NOW 75% OFF - 04/28/11 10:57 AM
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Buzz words, shiny objects and the next best thing can be thrilling and cool.  Who knows what the next Buzz words will be - but they can set you apart from competition and make your listings shine. 
Sellers appreciate the marketing effort and the increasing millennial buyer market has grow up on "shiny objects".
However, let me assure you - shiny objects and cool tools work just as well and are much more posh when you don't pay … (2 comments)

youtube: Poll: Virtual Tour Providers Close, What makes you stick with yours now? - 04/30/09 03:37 AM
For the first time in years, there is a decline in the number of virtual tour providers available to agents.  News of failed (ch 11 etc) tour providers has been steady in the last 6 months - some are casualties of tight marketing budgets or were of poor quality and destined to die is debatable. 
This begs the question - Today, in 2009 why do you invest in the Tour Provider you work with? 
Here are the answers I would expect to see, but everyone has a diffrent take/reason.  To vote, add your comments with a #2 pencil (or mouse).