quincy ma: Quincy MA Real Estate Market Report - July 2011 - 08/02/11 02:42 AM
Quincy MA Real Estate Report
Quincy MA Monthly Real Estate Statistics
                                                                      July 2011                             June  2011                      July 2010
Single Family:
Homes Sold:                                                       23                                           42                                 34   
Original List Price:                                       $416,373                                  $325,604                      $354,467
Final List Price:                                            $404,239                                  $311,700                      $336,814
Average Sold Price:                                     $384,674                                  $296,624                      $324,647                                     
Average Days on Market:                               154                                          104                                 69
Median Sales Price:                                     $328,000                                 $296,500                      $317,500
Home Sold:                                                          26                                             21                                 17
Original List Price:                                          $256,404                                  $258,862                      $284,317
Final List Price:                                               $248,219                                  $254,033                      $278,117   
Average Sold Price:                                        $238,000                                  $245,236                      $262,194
Average Days on Market:                                  111                                           116                              78
Median Sales Price:                                       $230,650                                   $237,250                      $237,000
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quincy ma: Quincy Center Redevelopment Construction to Start Soon. - 07/27/11 04:04 AM

The Current Quincy Center
Construction on the Quincy Center Redevelopment will be starting soon.
Street-Works, a developer has  huge plans for Quincy Center. The plans will include 1100 condos and apartments, more retail space, boutiques, 2 hotels, 20 story office building, parking garages and some open green space. The cost is estimated to be in the One Billion Dollar plus range.
This could be a tremendous opportunity for the City of Quincy. Quincy Center has needed a boost for a long time. Parking has always been an issue and the new plans will address that.
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quincy ma: Map of Houghs Neck. - 07/26/11 10:37 AM
Current Homes for Sale in Houghs Neck. … (0 comments)

quincy ma: Quincy's Houghs Neck Neighborhood - 07/26/11 09:40 AM

Houghs Neck is a sea side community, and one of three peninsulars within the City of Quincy.
Houghs Neck was at one time a farm owned by Atherton Hough. This is where Houghs Neck got its name. The elementary school is also named Atherton Hough School.Houghs Neck was originally a cottage community and was the old Cape before the highway (route 3) was built to take us to what we now know as Cape Cod. People came from all over to summer in Houghs Neck.
The area used to be lined with boat rental yards because of the excellent … (0 comments)

quincy ma: Quincy Real Estate Market Report - 07/22/11 03:04 AM
Quincy MA Real Estate Report Quincy MA Monthly Real Estate Statistics
                                                                      June 2011                             May 2011                      June 2010
Single Family:
Homes Sold:                                                       42                                           43                                 45   
Original List Price:                                       $325,604                                  $300,962                      $354,360
Final List Price:                                            $311,700                                  $291,630                      $344,126
Average Sold Price:                                     $296,624                                  $277,867                      $328,921                                    
Average Days on Market:                               104                                           92                                 71
Median Sales Price:                                     $296,500                                 $285,900                      $305,000
Home Sold:                                                          21                                             16                                 42
Original List Price:                                          $258,862                                  $238,095                      $325,364
Final List Price:                                               $254,033                                  $226,189                      $304,169   
Average Sold Price:                                        $245,236                                   $220,619                     $295,157
Average Days on Market:                                  116                                            156                              138
Median … (1 comments)

quincy ma: Quincy Named Number 1 City in Massachusetts for Raising Children. - 11/19/09 01:52 AM
Quincy has been named the # 1 city in Massachusetts for raising children, as reported by the Patriot Ledger.
Read The Full Story Here!

quincy ma: Quincy Restaurant Week. Great Food - Great Price! - 03/15/09 03:17 AM

Once again, many Restaurants in the City of Quincy are having special pricing for a week to allow all to try out the excellent food choices in Quincy.
Called Taste of Quincy, this has become an annual event with more and more restaurants participating.
Click the link below for the full story and check out their web site for all the details.

For Full Story, Click Here

quincy ma: Quincy News Briefs - 02/10/09 01:14 AM
The Latest on What is Happening in the City of Quincy.

Snow removal costing the City dearly.
New Quincy High School. First New Wing about to open.
Quincy College Looking To Break Ties With The City.
City Councilors Looking To Limit Sex Offenders in Quincy.
North Quincy High School Gets Special Recognition.

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quincy ma: Quincy's Annual Christmas Parade and First Night Celebration - 11/21/07 01:52 AM
The City of Quincy is kicking off it's annual Holiday Celebrations. The events get better every year and always include Family oriented activities.
The activities include;
 The Chrstmas Lights Ceremony with over 50,000 lights being displayed.
 Santas arrival by helicopter.
 The annual Chrstmas Parade which is one of the oldest Holiday Parades in the Country.
 Quincy' annual First Night Celebration.
This weekend it all begins with activities that the whole family will enjoy.
Fore more information CLICK HERE 
Wishing All a Very Happy Holiday Season!

quincy ma: Quincy Elects New Mayor - 11/16/07 01:18 AM
Novemeber, 2007Thomas Koch has been elected Mayor of the City of Quincy beating 3 term incumbant Mayor William Phelan by over 2000 votes. Although he will not take over the Mayor's office until January 7th, he is already busy laying out his agenda. Quincy is in the process of building a new High School and a Senior Center, as well as the Quincy Center Concourse road. Mayor Elect Koch is looking at making changes to the present plans.Mayor Elect koch has listed his top agenda items as traffic and drugs.
Thomas Koch was Parks and Recreation Director before resigning earlier this year … (0 comments)

quincy ma: Quincy News - 06/30/07 03:53 AM
The New Quincy High School 
Building the New High School is moving forward. The City has announced they are now seeking bids for the construction which is expected to begin in the fall and completed in 2010.
First Track in Quincy To Begin Soon.
Construction of a new eight lane track will begin soon at Pageant Field. This state of the art track will be used for school trank and field events, as well as the public. There will be areas for javelin, discuss, shot put and a soccer field as well. The land at Pageant Field was donated to the city by the … (0 comments)

quincy ma: Things to do in Quincy - 04/05/07 06:19 AM
Quincy has something for everyone when it comes to finding something to do. There are many ballfields throughout the city, tennis courts, basketball courts, and skateboard parks.
For the Golfing Enthusiasts, Quincy has 3 Golf Courses, including the new Granite Links Golf Course at Quarry Hills.
For the boating, fishing, and swimming enthusiasts, with 27 miles of coastline, you don't have to look far. Wollaston Beach is the largest beach at 2.5 miles long. There are also several small, quiet beaches throughout the city.
For the outdoors type, there is the Blue Hills Reservation with many miles of trails for hiking, mountain bike riding, horseback … (0 comments)

quincy ma: Quincy's 19th Annual Asian Festival Was A Great Success - 02/23/07 04:53 AM
On Sunday, February 25, 2007 the 19th annual Asian Festival was held at North Quincy High School from 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM. This festival is a celebration of the Lunar New Year which actually began February 18th.
Quincy is a very diverse City and the Asian population has grown steadily over the years. This is a family oriented event sponsored by the City of Quincy and other sponsors. There will be food, games for the children, music and dance, art exibits, etc. Local restaurants will be serving Chinese and Japanese dishes
Over 4000 people attended the event, and this year extra attractions were added. This year … (0 comments)

quincy ma: Quincy Center - 02/22/07 06:55 AM
Quincy Center consists of the Quincy Square area, as well as, the Hospital Hill and Presidents Hill areas.
Quincy Center is loaded with history. The Hancock Cemetery is located next to City Hall, and is the burial ground for John Hancock, and John Adams and John Quincy Adams were buried there before being moved the Church of The Presidents across the street.
Quincy Center has many unique buildings and architechure. The Thomas Crane Public Library is a perfect example. Back several years ago, they decided to put an addition on to the library, and wanted to keep the new addition similar to the older … (1 comments)

quincy ma: One Year Moratorium on Building - 02/06/07 07:38 AM
The Quincy City Council just voted to approve a 1 year moratorium on building three or more units in resdience B zoning.
Residence B zoning allows for construction of Multi-Unit dwellings. Older homes have been bought up, torn down, and 3 plus Townhouse units built in it's place.
The City Councillors have been concerned about the changing neighborhood character, and have decided to vote for the moratorium until they can take a long look at the issue. There could be zoning changes coming that would stop the building permanantly, however, this vote is for the one year period.

quincy ma: Adams Shore - 01/31/07 05:26 AM
The Adams Shore section is one of three peninsulars in the City of Quincy. Like the Houghs Neck area, Adams Shore was a cottage community at one time, but is now completely a year round community.
Adams Shore borders the Merrymount, Houghs Neck, and Germantown sections of Quincy. It is primarily a residential area with some retail and office sites on the main street which is Sea Street.
Lately, there have been some new Condominium Townhouses built in the area.
Bus service is available from Adams Shore to the Quincy Center T Station, where red line service is available to Boston. There is also … (0 comments)

quincy ma: Germantown - 01/28/07 02:16 AM
The Germantown section is a peninsular (one of three peninsulars in Quincy) and is bordered by the Adams Shore section.
Germantown got its name because of all the German settlers that moved into the area during the ship building boom.
Before the war, Sailing Ships were being built in Quincy, and the last known Clipper Ship was built in Germantown in the 1870's.
Today, Germantown is a community of primarily single family homes. Germantown is an affordable sea side community. There is bus service to and from Germantown, with access to the Quincy Center T Station where the Red Line provides access to Boston.
One … (5 comments)

quincy ma: Squantum - 01/24/07 05:17 AM
The Squantum section of Quincy is a peninsular at the northern end of Quincy Bay. Squantum got its name from an Indian guide to Myles Standish, named Squanto. Facing north the views are of the Boston skyline and the Boston Harbor Islands. Marina Bay is a section within Squantum.
Squantum used to be a popular summer destination and was a resort community before the road was built making access easier. Squantum is now a year round community.
The Marina Bay section was the site of one of the worlds first regional airports, and Amelia Earhart helped to develop it and was on the first flight … (0 comments)

quincy ma: Quincy, MA - 01/08/07 10:06 AM
Welcome to Quincy, Massachusetts
For A Vitual Tour of Quincy, Click Here
Quincy, Massachusetts is a city rich in history. It is home to two Presidents, John Adams, the second President of The United States, and his son John Quincy Adams who was the sixth President. This is why Quincy is referred to as the City of Presidents.
Statue of John Adams outside Quincy City Hall              
John Adams & John Quincy Adams Memorial at Black' Creek
Quincy was settled in 1625 and seperated from Braintree in 1792.  It was incorporated as a city in 1888 and was named after Colonel John Quincy.
It was also home to Actresses Ruth Gordon … (0 comments)

quincy ma: Quincy Named Second Safest City In Massachusetts - 12/14/06 03:43 AM

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