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The beginning of a new year always signals a time for new opportunities.This year, fine opportunities that you've never experienced before will be available to you.The energy of 2011 is one of building your foundation for the future. If you are diligent and take care of the details, by autumn you...
Okay so maybe we do lie, so what, it's human nature ~ we really can't help it ~ but you still didn't listen                                 Genuine listening is rare. We listen to ---- get to the end of a sentence ---- to make a point.. We listen --- to find an opening --- so we can jump in... To...
We don't start out being the best in our business. We all flounder a little. Admit it. We make mistakes. We learn from them. We switch around from one idea to the next. Our focus changes and we stop worrying about what we can get and become engrossed in what we can give. We start to network and d...
This is an excellent post from Brad Andersohn for blogging basics and strategies that we bookmarked to read as a reminder to refer to for our blogs. You need a title to attract the audience you would like to target. Don't forget to repeat the title in bold in the first line! Write your post to th...
 The blizzard is advancing and holiday travel will be affected for many ~ Please be careful if you must travel by car ~ Delta, Continental, United, American and AirTran Airways are among the carriers waiving penalties for travelers who have to reschedule their trips over the weekend. While specif...
  This Christmas story was sent to us from a very dear friend ~ This December, I vow to make Christmas a calm and peaceful experience. I will have to cut back on nonessential obligations, extensive card writing, endless baking, decorating, and even overspending.  I do not want to find myself exha...
Say it isn't so ~ not here ~ it's not suppose to snow here in Sunset Beach, on the southern most tip of North Carolina ~ Temps heading for the 50's ~ what are those weather people, crazy?                                                         It's always beautiful here ~ We play golf all year ro...
Tracking Santa for Christmas ~ For those who have the little ones around ~ what a joy it can be ~ can you image their faces when they find out they can see where Santa is ~ Bill Burchard shared this post ~ Thanks Bill ~ The tradition began in 1955 after a Colorado Springs-based Sears Roebuck & Co...
Buyers, are you still willing to wait? How long will you watch the interest rates before you make the move? Now let's not get piggy about the situation ~ because Pigs Get Slaughtered ~  ~ Time is of the essence for Buyers and Sellers ~   "The recent spike in interest rates reminds us that though ...
We just love to dress up one of our family members for the Holidays. She is just like a doll. For some reason this year she decided to sulk ~ She sulked until we undressed her ~ Hmmm ~ not sure what the sulking was all about ~ Bonita, our long hair Chihuahua, will be six on New Year's Day ~    


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