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    One App, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Dr Seuss likes nonsense   He says it wakes up the brain.     Apps make me happy.    They help me thru the day.   Some are too yappy   But they help me find my way.   Some save me money   Thank you honey!     My personal favorite app is   We ...
We have secretly been praying for the past year for the interest rates to start rising so our buyers would get off the fence thinking the bottom of the market hasn't happened.  Guess what!!??   Last year was the year to buy at the lowest rates!!  Too late folks.  Should have bought in 2012.... Be...
    Building Rapport With Our Buyers Our Way Inspired by Bob Stewart's challenge:  Crowdsourcing: Scripts and Dialogues Aren't Just for Actors   We stand by the FORD way as we start building trust with our buyers. F ~ Family, we inquire about family O ~ Occupation, we inquire about occupations R ...
    Life in the present tense and what we all might have in common Speaking in the present tense those of us here in Active Rain do share a commonality .. We are all here sharing in one way or another. We share opinions, experiences, pictures, videos, recipes, jokes, information and so much more....
The Secret is Out ... Do you know the secret? It has to do with a powerful part of your body.  This part of your body has 23 muscles and it forms your expressions. Did you know when you use it you can burn more calories by forming it into a smile?   Pretty sure you quessed the secret by now ~  Th...
Thanks to "Mike Cooper" for his blog on how to make a smooth flowing blog .. He even gave us a great tip ..  There is an old editing tip I picked up from a publisher I've written for in the past.  Read your material from the last word to the first.  When you read it from front to back, your brain...
  The Good, the Bad and the Funny Karen's From The Past Experiences What We Have in Common, Getting to Know Each Other Better-Contest An August Challenge in ActiveRain   We all have numerous experiences we might like to share with our friends and readers of our blogs here in Active Rain.   This c...
Now this is what we would like all buyers to realize. Bob, thank you for allowing us to reblog this pertinent information to our buyers!! The sales associate in a new construction development represents the seller, the developer, not you the buyer The REALTOR represents you when you are working w...
SALES TAX HOLIDAY NORTH CAROLINA 2013 sales tax holiday weekend   Begin Friday, August 2, 2013 12:01 a.m.   End Sunday, August 4, 2013 at midnight.    TAX FREE ITEMS   Clothing with a sales price of one hundred dollars ($100.00) or less...
SALES TAX HOLIDAY SOUTH CAROLINA 2013 sales tax holiday weekend will  begin Friday, August 2, 2013  12:01 a.m.   end Sunday, August 4, 2013 at midnight.  TAX FREE ITEMS During this time, the 6% state sales and use tax, and any applicable local sales and use tax, will not be imposed on clothing, c...

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