wwwwimortgagecom: Madison Mortgage Success Story: Cathy - 01/13/13 11:53 PM
Madison Mortgage Success Story: Cathy
Cathy is a single mom with three children that was struggling to keep her house after her divorce.  The divorce really caused a financial hardship as Cathy was awarded the home in the divorce but needed to pay off the husband for his half of the equity in the home with a new Madison Mortgage.  Even though there was not a hard timeframe in place in the divorce decree, Cathy wanted to get her ex-husband off the title and at the same time attempt to make things more affordable for her and her children.
Cathy found … (0 comments)

wwwwimortgagecom: Cashton WI Refinance Story: Keegan and Peggy - 04/24/12 12:24 AM
Cashton WI Refinance Story: Keegan and Peggy Keegan and Peggy, a fantastic couple, wanted to save money with their Cashton WI refinance mortgage. Keegan and Peggy have three great children and have a very nice home in Cashton, WI.  Keegan and Peggy had several medical collections and that was bringing their scores down.  Keegan and Peggy currently have a high interest rate and were behind on their real estate taxes.  
The goal was to get a great Cashton WI mortgage, save money, and to escrow the taxes and insurance!
with a little coaching, Keegan and Peggy were able to pay a few … (0 comments)

wwwwimortgagecom: Appleton Wisconsin Refinance Success Story: James - 02/20/12 06:36 AM
Appleton Wisconsin Refinance Success Story: James
James, a 55 year old VA nurse, needs our mortgage assistance. James has a few issues with his finances.  James’s mortgage payment is way too high and his current lender will not refinance his Appleton Wisconsin mortgages. You see James has three mortgages – all with the same bank. The highest interest rate was over 8 percent.  James also had another issue – his current septic system needed to be replaced, he needed a new mound system. James currently pays more than half of his monthly income on his three Appleton Wisconsin mortgages.  

wwwwimortgagecom: Appleton Wisconsin Refinance Success Story: Debbie - 02/09/12 04:41 AM
Appleton Wisconsin Refinance Success Story: Debbie
Debbie, a 65 year old semi-retired school teacher, needs my help. Debbie has a serious cash flow issue.  Debbie’s mortgage payment is way too high and her current lender is too greedy and they will not refinance her Appleton Wisconsin mortgage. Debbie’s interest rate was near 8 percent.  That is outrageous. 
Debbie currently pays more than half of her monthly fixed income on her Appleton Wisconsin mortgage. Debbie has to substitute teach several days a month in order to make ends meet.  It’s tough to do this at that age.

wwwwimortgagecom: FHA Seller Paid Closing Cost Changes - 01/25/12 09:57 AM
FHA Seller Paid Closing Cost Changes:
FHA is reducing seller paid closing costs stating that they are continuing to manage total risk. By lowering the FHA seller paid closing costs buyers and sellers will not feel pressure to inflate the appraised value. This should not be a surprise for real estate professionals because HUD has been suggesting changes for over a year now. You will most likely see 3% maximum seller paid closing costs.
HUD is trying to improve the quality of business (risk.) According to HUD, they have had two very strong years of business and they intend on improving … (0 comments)

wwwwimortgagecom: Appleton Wisconsin Mortgage Refinance Success Story: Maggie and Nick - 01/10/12 03:57 AM
Maggie and Nick recently came to WI-Mortgage.com inquiring about their Appleton Wisconsin Mortgage Refinance.  When they found our website at WI-Mortgage.com, they sent our contact form and we called them.  Their biggest concern was that they wanted to pay off some credit cards in addition to lowering their Appleton Wisconsin Mortgage Refinance interest rate.  When Maggie and Nick decided to utilize our services, they had many doubts because they had been told no by a few other banks.  They felt WI-Mortgage.com was their best opportunity to save a ton of money. Maggie and Nick brought all over their documentation into our office.  … (0 comments)

wwwwimortgagecom: Appleton Wisconsin Mortgage Refinance Success Story: Richard - 01/05/12 02:31 AM
WI-Mortgage.com recently helped a single man, Richard, with his Appleton Wisconsin Mortgage Refinance.  Richard's situation was not unlike many other clients we deal with on a daily basis.  Richard had some credit issues that prevented him from getting an Appleton Wisconsin Mortgage Refinance at other lending institutions.
Having purchased his home nearly 5 years ago, Richard had paid down his mortgage a little bit but wanted to pay his home off sooner.  When he purchased his home, he received an interest rate of 6.875% on a 30 year fixed.  WI-Mortgage.com was able to help Richard with his Appleton Wisconsin Mortgage Refinance … (0 comments)

wwwwimortgagecom: Appleton Wisconsin Mortgage Refinance Success Story: Vanessa and Larry - 01/04/12 02:18 AM
Vanessa and Larry is a recently married couple looking to start their relatively new marriage out right.  Vanessa had purchased her home about 8 years ago prior to meeting Larry.  So Vanessa was looking to add Larry onto the title of their home.  Together, they decided to work with WI-Mortgage.com on their Appleton Wisconsin Mortgage Refinance.
Both Vanessa and Larry had great credit and had a great job history.  Vanessa had not refinanced her Appleton Wisconsin Mortgage since she purchased the home.  Her interest rate was at 7.25% and had plenty of equity.  Their decision to place Larry on the title … (0 comments)

wwwwimortgagecom: Janesville Wisconsin FHA Loan Limit update for FY2012: - 01/03/12 02:50 AM
The Janesville Wisconsin FHA loan limit for the FY2012 will be $271,050. The Janesville Wisconsin FHA loan limit did not change from FY2011.  Most areas have a Wisconsin FHA loan limit of $271,050. I have included a small summary of larger Wisconsin FHA loan limits. Please see below.
These are the Wisconsin FHA loan limits:
As you can see most common Wisconsin FHA Loan Limit is $271,050.  The loan limit rises if you purchase an owner-occupied property with multi-units up to four.  Call me at 920-623-9242 or email me at fpabon@wi-mortgage.com for more information.

wwwwimortgagecom: Madison WI Refinance Success Story: Myles - 11/10/11 05:04 AM
Myles (married and a father of three) was looking for a new Madison WI mortgage.  Myles built his home a five few years ago and took out a first and second purchase money mortgages. Their interest rate was at 7.00% on the first mortgage and 9% on the second mortgage.
The goal for Myles was to combine the two mortgages and get the lowest Madison WI refinance mortgage interest rate and payment possible.
Myles has great credit and a great job with one of the best Wisconsin companies.  Myles also has a great home he built himself with real equity. … (0 comments)

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