carol hawkins: A New Car?? - 07/23/09 03:39 AM
OK, here is my dilemma ...I am in the market for a new car, well, maybe not new, new but new to me.  Where do you begin to look these days?  Being a good American, I would like to buy American. However, with all the car companies in financial trouble I am leery of buying one and then what happens to your warranty or the value of the car if the manufacturer goes under?  I understand that many of the so called "foreign cars" are made mostly in the US and that some American cars are assembled in Mexico.  What to … (2 comments)

carol hawkins: A Girl's Weekend - 03/03/09 03:05 AM
Guys seem to have lots of time for bonding with each other; golf, fishing, watching sports.  Sometimes it seems I have too little time for bonding with my sister friends.
Well that changed this week-end - 5 of my sister friends and I went to see "Menopause, The Musical." The musical was a real hoot.  I highly recommend it if it ever comes to your area.  I believe they have several traveling companies. The jest of the show is 4 average women who are in menopause.  Their songs are oldies with the words changed to reflect symptoms of the dreaded change; … (0 comments)

carol hawkins: Vacation Advice - 02/19/09 04:11 AM
Wahoo!!! I am so excited!! I am finally getting a wish that I have had for many years, something to cross off my Bucket List. We are going to Hawaii for a cruise of the Hawaiian Islands.  I know, poor us, what a problem to have.  Here's why I need your help.  If you have traveled to Hawaii and have favorite places to visit, I would love to hear about them.  There are so many things to see and do it would be nice to have some input from someone who has been there recently. We were there 20 years ago … (1 comments)

carol hawkins: Christmas Shopping - 12/18/08 02:58 AM
Christmas shopping through rose colored glasses.  Well, I had a wonderful experience yesterday - Christmas Shopping!  The day started with the gas tank on empty.  My hubby is so sweet.  He knows that I love to stand out in the cold and fill my gas tank.  Isn't he just darling?  Next came breakfast.  I love breakfast - it is my favorite meal to eat out. No messy kitchen, no dirty dishes.  What a treat!! Well, I guess the people pushing ahead in line were hungrier than me.  When I finally got my seat, breakfast was great, never mind the coffee spilled … (5 comments)

carol hawkins: Christmas Parties - 12/17/08 01:50 AM
One more Christmas Party and I think my eyes will turn into appetizers!  Is it my imagination or are there more parties than ever?  I really expected a downturn in parties this year, but I have been invited to more parties than I can ever remember.  I really don't think it is my winning personality or my charming ways, but in today's mail came another invite to a "Cookie Exchange".  How many chocolate chip cookies can be eaten over the holidays?  Sorry if I sound like Scrooge, but no more parties.  I need a night at home to get my act … (1 comments)

carol hawkins: Easy Thanksgiving - 12/02/08 06:23 AM
How was your Thanksgiving??  Mine was great but not home made.  This year I decided to make it easy on myself and try a not-so-homemade Thanksgiving.  It worked out so well I think I have started a new tradition.  The "Let's Take It Easy Thanksgiving". First I ordered a smoked turkey, which was a 2 person helper.  Little Hanna's dance school made money by selling the turkeys and I had a ready made main dish.  Well, what's turkey without dressing (stuffing)?  To the rescue came Stove Top, yes you heard it right, Stove Top Stuffing.  I added some fresh onion, mushroom … (2 comments)

carol hawkins: Franke Triplets - 11/18/08 02:57 AM
I had the great honor and pleasure of attending an out of town baby shower over the week-end.  Our own Marion Franke has TRIPLET grandchildren.  First let me say, WOW! I can't even imagine 3 brand new babies needing diapers, feeding, rocking, etc., etc., all at one time.  Let me give you a little back story on these babies.  First the Momma & Poppa thought they would not have babies of their own after going all possible routes, so they adopted a toddler from Russia.  This was quite a long and arduous affair.  But Christina arrived shortly after Christmas last year; … (3 comments)

carol hawkins: The Mouth of Babes - 11/13/08 03:48 AM
I have heard the term "writer's block" forever and never understood how someone could run out of something to say.  Well, I have sort of had Blog Block and have had a hard time coming up with something, but my Granddaughter Grace gave me an idea.
While in Dallas to attend Grandparents Day at Grace's elementary school (I know I am way too young to be a grandmother, but I do love it) she and I were riding in the car.  She asked in her beautiful, sweet little voice if I knew we had a black president. It was a very … (3 comments)

carol hawkins: Elections and Remote Controls - 11/05/08 07:44 AM
Okay, here's my take on the elections. 
They are over, and now we can get on with life.  It seems that this election has been the most talked about that I can remember.  It was overpowering in the media and I believe that most Americans were ready for it to be over.  We will go forward from here and each do our best to make our country a great place to live, raise a family and work.  Enough Said!
Okay, here's my take on the worst invention ever made.  The Remote Control!
Last weekend I had planned on a quiet relaxing … (1 comments)

carol hawkins: The Biggest Loser a Bust - 10/29/08 09:05 AM
Well, today is D day or should I say WW day.  Several of us in the office are starting Weight Watchers today.  I think our Biggest Loser contest was a flop.  No one wanted to weigh in front of others, imagine that.  But there is a need for weight loss (at least in the area of my desk).  I'm not sure what to expect, I think miracles are out of the realm of reality.  Hopefully I will loose enough not to look like a stuffed sausage in my winter sweaters and those, oh so popular, leggings! Alas, I said Good-Bye this … (0 comments)

carol hawkins: Flu Season and Stress - 10/23/08 03:22 AM
Well, it's true, flu season has arrived early this year.  We have several in our office who are proof of that.  I heard on the TV that the main reason for the early arrival has a lot to do with the stress and worry that people are currently experiencing.  I have my own personal Top 10 list of things to do to relieve stress:
#10:  Take a long walk.  I'm not talking a marathon, just a stroll around the neighborhood.  Chances are you will run into a neighbor and have a nice chat about the weather or how the high school … (2 comments)

carol hawkins: HOGS in Heels - 10/15/08 04:02 AM
HOGS in Heels
Members of the Cut-N-Shoot, Texas Harley Owners Group, HOGS, donned high heels to support  the "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" event to raise awareness of domestic violence.  These manly men roared into The Woodlands' Central Park dressed in their finest leathers and traded their boots for petite (?) high heels.  10 of the 60+ members were brave enough to trade in their dignity and strut their stuff carrying a banner encouraging the end of domestic violence.  The event was sponsored by Montgomery County Women's Center and Verizon Wireless.
There are more than 11,000 reported cases of domestic … (0 comments)

carol hawkins: Spotlight on Conroe's Performing Arts - 10/14/08 04:34 AM
Any community that has a performing arts segment is a very fortunate place.  Conroe has an exceptional group of performing arts organizations:
    Conroe Symphony Orchestra     Creighton Players     Friends of Conroe     Montgomery County Choral Society     Montgomery County Performing Arts The Creighton Players were established in 1967 and are funded in part by the Conroe Commission on Arts and Culture.  While celebrating their 41st season as the premiere arts and entertainment organization in Montgomery County, the Creighton Players are preparing to move to their new home; the Owen Theatre, located in Downtown Conroe.
A little history on the Owen Theatre:  the building was … (0 comments)

carol hawkins: Lake Conroe Information - 10/09/08 05:08 AM
Harry S Truman - The Buck Stops Here
'It doesn't matter how big a ranch ya' own, or how many cows ya' brand, the size of your funeral is still gonna depend on the weather.'    Harry Truman
If you are new to Conroe/Montgomery County or from another part of the country, here are some pertinent facts about our beautiful community:
Lake Conroe Area: Includes the cities of Conroe, Montgomery and Willis Location: Conroe is located 40 miles north of Houston, Texas County Seat of: Montgomery County City of Conroe Population: 43,993 City of Montgomery Population: 498 City of Willis Population: … (0 comments)

carol hawkins: Local Restaurant Spotlight - 10/08/08 03:11 AM
For this week's restaurant spotlight, we chose Debby's Prime Steakhouse in Montgomery.   The steakhouse is just down the road from our office, and is a favorite lunch spot for our team.  The environment is always casual for a relatively formal steakhouse, and the food is outstanding.  It would be nice to help our local economy by patronizing local businesses to help bolster them during these crazy economic times.
13080 Hwy 105 W, Ste. 127, Conroe, TX 77304 - 936-588-5058
To end with some humor, this is a continuation of the things Hurricane Ike taught me:
A new method of non-lethal torture- showers without … (0 comments)

carol hawkins: What's new in Conroe - 10/08/08 03:07 AM

In the Top 50 Producing Teams Nationwide for Keller Williams,The Franke Team took the 20th spot!
This list is based on June/July closed units. For a slowing economy this is a pretty good spot to be sitting in.  Of the Top 50, 35 teams were in Texas.  That speaks pretty well for our economy here.
This week-end (October 10th, 11th &12th) is our annual Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival.  This event benefits the nonprofit Friends of Conroe, Inc. who are working to enhance the quality of life in Conroe and Montgomery County through civic and cultural  improvements.  The Friends … (0 comments)

carol hawkins: Fire Prevention Week - 10/07/08 04:14 AM
Today is our first day of rain since Hurricane Ike.  It is welcome and much needed.  Love those rainy days.
As Realtors, We spend the majority of our time helping our clients find their dream home, so let's take time this week to help them protect it.
October 5th through October 11th is Fire Prevention Week. 
In 2007, eight out of ten people who died in a fire were killed in a home fire.  Everyone runs the risk of having a home fire, whether it is from cooking, smoking materials or heating equipment.  Cooking causes the most fires, but more lives … (0 comments)

carol hawkins: What's New in Conroe - 10/07/08 03:55 AM
What's New in Conroe Today
Big headline on the Courier this morning "Country Road Projects Expected Under Budget"
How often do we hear the words ‘under budget'?  Certainly not at my house!  While we, here in Montgomery County, moan and complain about the construction that seems to be taking forever, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.  It will be completed and will cost us less than projected.  Now, if I could just get to Starbucks without taking my life in my own hands it would be wonderful.
Operation Holiday for Heroes.  You will be hearing a lot … (0 comments)

carol hawkins: Franke Team Biggest Loser - 10/06/08 07:14 AM
It is also the first day of the newly formed Franke Team Diet Club!  I'm not sure who the genius was that came up with this idea, but we are all (those of us calorically challenged) putting $50 in the pot, and at some undetermined date the winner will be presented with the $$.  Now, we are starting today but have no guidelines, no rules, no end date.  This should really be fun.  Add that to the fact that I DO NOT want my weight posted on a board for the whole world to see, so this should go great.  Wish us luck!

carol hawkins: First Franke Team Blog! - 10/06/08 07:08 AM
Today is a day for firsts at the Franke Team.  This is our first official blog, as well as my first time to blog, so I will try to keep it upbeat, informative and entertaining.  All you experienced bloggers feel free to give me some feedback so that I know how I am doing!
The Second First is starting our blog.  When asked to do it, of course I said yes, that will be fun, and I immediately started thinking about the subject matter.  Of course, being in the Houston area the first thing you think of is Hurricane Ike.  Not a … (2 comments)

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