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For quite some time, readers of my book, What Every Real Estate Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow…, have been asking if I would be teaching a course. The answer, finally, is “yes.” I’ve just released an online course with more than 30 video lessons (including case studies), as we...
Can something as simple as the treatment of reserves alter the valuation — or evaluation — of your income-property investment? This is a discussion that comes up every year when I teach real estate investment analysis to my grad students: Where, how, why do you deal with "reserves for replacement...
A strong CoC unarguably provides a good sign that your investment is off on the right foot. Is that the end of the story – or should it be? I think this narrow focus can cause an investor to miss some vital issues. Read my discussion of the issues surrounding the cash-on-cash metric in real estat...
Have you thought about crowdfunding a real estate investment? Is this the Next Big Thing or a flash in the plan? What are the upsides? Anything to watch out for? While I doubt that anyone has all the answers (or any of them), I'd like to share my take on real estate crowdfunding in this, my lates...
That’s a question we hear all the time, so allow me to ask you to share your advice:What drives your choice to buy residential or commercial property? What considerations are key for you? And if you’re still trying to decide, here is an article from our blog with some of the pros and cons of each...
We’re always looking to have our RealData analysis software keep up with the changing needs of investors, and so we are embarking on a series of really short surveys to help us measure those needs. Our first survey asks just two questions: What kind of property do you buy (or want to buy) and wha...
I had the pleasure of recording a podcast recently with real estate entrepreneur Kevin Bupp. We discussed what I feel are some of the key principles that every real estate investor ought to understand — and so, I invite you to listen to that podcast here. Frank Gallinelli
Here's the final leg of our race: Part 4 of our series on "The Alphabet Soup of Real Estate Investing” discusses Capital Accumulation Comparison (CpA) as a possible to way to choose between two mutually exclusive real estate investment opportunities. In particular, it can help you put properties ...
In Part 2 of this series of articles we had just reached what appeared to be an epiphany of sorts. We turned Discounted Cash Flow on its head, solving for the rate rather than the Present Value. That rate – the Internal Rate of Return – looked like it provided a good measure of investment return ...
​In the first installment of the four-part series on our ​RealData blog I introduced two important measures of investment performance, Net Present Value (NPV) and Profitability Index (PI). Now I want to continue this review of key real estate investment metrics by looking at Internal Rate of Retu...

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