escrow fees: Choosing a home Loan - 05/06/09 01:27 PM
When purchasing a new home, a mortgage can be a great investment tool. Making sense of fixed, arms, reverse amortization, and interest only loans can save you thousands. The right mortgage can save you thousands of dollars, while the wrong mortgage can put your house in jeopardy. With all the mortgage products on the market, it is more important than ever to understand real estate financing.
Making Sense of Mortgage Options Start by simply understanding your options. People with average credit ratings or better should be able to secure a fixed mortgage for a traditional 30 year term. This essentially means … (0 comments)

escrow fees: Opening Escrow - 05/06/09 01:22 PM
Hello Everyone, I have not Blogged for a few days, and just wanted to say that I am still here to answer any questions that you might have regarding Escrows. I am here to make your escrows run smoothly. Please feel free to contact me anytime via the e-mail or you can call my cell phone with any questions; or if you need to open an escrow I can do that for you too. Hope everyone has had a blessed week. I look forward to hearing from you. Tim Montebello Escrow Inc 951-570-6045 Mobile … (0 comments)

escrow fees: How to Choose a REALTOR® - 04/28/09 02:58 PM
How to Choose a REALTOR® Not all agents or brokers are REALTORS® -- there is a difference. As a prerequisite to selling real estate, a person must be licensed by the state in which they work, either as an agent/salesperson or as a broker. Before a license is issued, minimum standards for education, examinations and experience, which are determined on a state by state basis, must be met. After receiving a real estate license, most agents go on to join their local board or association of REALTORS® and the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, the world's largest professional trade association. They can … (5 comments)

escrow fees: Tip's on Buying a home - 04/28/09 11:35 AM
Tip's on Buying a home Let's say one morning you wake up and realize that, yes, you should buy a home. You're tired of throwing away money on rent and figure that it's time to get into a home of your own. But you have reservations. After all, if it's your first time, you've got questions. You might be a little nervous that you'll mess up, and it's normal to feel that way. You are probably spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and making the most important financial purchase of your life. You will find that being an informed individual about … (0 comments)

escrow fees: Escrow Fees - 04/24/09 05:39 AM
Basics The escrow company usually serves as a neutral intermediary between all the parties involved in a real estate or mortgage transaction. These parties can include: * lenders * brokers * insurance agents * appraisers * notaries A mortgage loan usually involves a very large amount of paperwork. This is necessary to protect all the parties involved, including buyers, sellers, lenders, and others. The escrow agent also handles the transfer of money between the parties. A lender will wire money into an escrow account. If it is a refinance to cash equity out the escrow agent will deduct the relevant fees … (4 comments)

escrow fees: Duties of an Escrow Officer - 04/22/09 05:31 AM
The escrow officer position is unique to California. Most other states use lawyers to do what escrow officers do. Most Escrow officers enter the field by first working as an Escrow Assistant. Escrow Assistants ensure all details related to sales transactions are accurate. They assist with the processing of all paperwork associated with escrow closings, real estate contracts, deeds, titles, and closing statements. Plus, they usually help audit closed files. Escrow officers facilitate the sale of property by receiving, holding, and transferring funds, deeds, and other legal papers in accordance with agreements made between buyers and sellers. As neutral third parties … (3 comments)

escrow fees: Riverside Escrow - 04/21/09 07:31 AM
It’s simply an arrangement where a third party – such as an Escrow Company, Title Insurance Company or a lawyer – holds money or documents and distributes them according to instructions from both parties. In a commercial real estate transaction, for example, the escrow agent may obtain funds and documents from the buyer, the seller, and the commercial lender. When everything is ready, the escrow agents make sure the money and papers wind up in the right hands. Escrow agents make transactions flow smoothly and reliably. Please feel free to check out my blog on duties of an Escrow Officer … (7 comments)


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