website development: 10 Steps Every Agent Should Take to Generate Leads - 10/31/15 03:09 PM
When we get into the real estate business, we think it's all about helping people buy and sell homes. While that's our ulitmate goal, we first need to learn ways to generate that business. That's probably the hardest part of our job and the reason why so many agents get out of the business so quickly.
Some agents call for sale by owners (FSBO) and expired listings. I was never very good at that. I had to find another way to generate business. Fortunately, ActiveRain helped me to discover a better way to generate leads.
The single most important thing a new agent … (61 comments)

website development: "Dinking Around" on Your Website is Serious Propecting - 01/24/14 05:52 AM
I read two featured posts earlier this week about prospecting. Both authors suggested that blogging and website development weren't forms of prospecting. One even went as far to say, that "dinking around on your website" won't lead to business. I humbly disagree.
I have spent a lot of time developing neighborhood pages on my website. Since 90% of buyers begin their search on the internet, it seems like the best place for me to catch the attention of Franklin TN home buyers moving to the area. Creating these pages and regularly adding new content to my website has really paid off.

website development: Spring Change: A New Website and Quality Family Time - 04/30/13 02:59 PM
Spring Change : A New Website and Quality Family Time

When I read Sally Cheeseman's most recent ActiveRain challenge, I knew right away what my Spring change would be.
I have been contemplating a new website for quite awhile. I've had many delays as I'm not a Wordpress master. I decided to put the Wordpress site to rest for now. Eventually, I would like to learn how to use Wordpress and develop additional sites.
After working on adding content for many weeks, my new website, went live today. I will continue to add content but I'm … (8 comments)

website development: Do You Link to Your Website or Your Company's Website? - 03/23/13 04:01 PM
Do You Link to Your Website or Your Company's Website?
I regularly perform Google searches on Franklin TN neighborhoods? Tonight, a Realbird listing popped up for one of these neighborhoods. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the link. I decided to click through to the agent's website but found I wasn't taken to her website at all. Instead, I was taken to her company's website. This wasn't even her page on this company website. It was the home page for a big box brokerage. Her name was nowhere to be seen.
This is the second time in a week I have experienced … (34 comments)

website development: I Wish My Website Did This... - 02/25/13 12:54 PM
I Wish My Website Did This...
I have been following all the entries very closely for this ActiveRain and Websitebox contest. While I wish I had something new and exciting to add, I do not. However, here are three things I think are a must for any real estate website:
Indexable IDX - This is a lead generation tool. An indexable IDX literally creates thousands of pages on your website. Google then ranks your site highly as a result of having indexable IDX. CRM - Once we get the lead, we have to have a way to maintain their contact information so … (7 comments)

website development: Franklin TN Website Courtesy of Makeover - 07/27/12 03:11 PM
Franklin TN Website Courtesy of MakeoverI have learned so much in the time I've been with ActiveRain. Unfortunately, I've learned some things faster than others. Up until now, I have used a template site--Realtysoft. It has been a great product for me. The IDX is indexable and in a very short time, I've been able to establish my internet presence. But I have long wanted my own Wordpress site and finally am in the process of developing one. What do I hope to accomplish with this site that I am not able to accomplish with a template site?
1. Branding … (38 comments)

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