I have a client from China looking to find a USCIS Regional Center for sale. Anybody know of a Regional Center that isn't active?   Also open to networking with people who have used EB-5 funds to fund multi family apartment communities, mixed use, or shopping centers.
Update 7-23: rebuttal post that basically says I suck by Carla Muss-Jacobs. Click here. But to those that read that post, this has nothing to do with sellers that decide they NEVER want to list on the NWMLS. It has to do with marketing BEFORE it hits the NWMLS, which appears to be a strict viola...
(Update, this is an april fools joke. You can see AGBeat cover it well here) Announcing the launch today, Monday, for! When Agents Lose, You Win! A bold new service that goes where no other brokerage firm has gone before! Revolutionizing the industry and furthering transparency!...
Many Realtor blog posts will say "BUY NOW!!", or "Interest rates can't get lower!" Over here we first say DON'T BUY, ASK WHY (since 2006 when I had hair). Which means, let's first figure out if buying is right for you, and THEN move forward. No "don't want money on rent" B.S. Heck Rent is CHEAPER...
I won't call this brokerage out by name (even though they would like the Google Juice.) I just read a blog post from another firm that rants and raves about how they are able to get Thousands More (versus the average agent*) for their customer and in fewer average days... Sounds great right? Mayb...
UPDATE on 6/9/2012 Posted at BOTTOM OF Blog Post. UNEDITED POST FROM 6/7/2012 We all hear about google indexing our sites. Great right? Well NOT if you let Google index the part of your site that has personal data on it. ESPECIALLY if you claim to be a "SECURE" company! Especially if the front pa...
PURPOSE: Compare the same scene with 4 different WIDE ANGLE lenses IGNORE THE COLOR. That can all be tweaked in Picasa (free) or Photoshop  I used to have the latest and greatest on all the cameras, and which were the widest. I have tons of cameras and I found myself with 4 of my wide cameras so ...
03/13/2012 is growing! And with that it requires "neused" agents to get a crash course in the Frankly way. You know, the preverbial (yes!! been dying to use that word, even if it doesn't fit perfectly) drinking the office Koolaid. So this post will recap some central concepts and put them ...
(updated 1-2014) You may have heard of the "10 Days of Hell" for lead conversion (link), so I have invented something better! You guessed it! "9 Days of Hell". Why do in 10 days what my system can do in 9 Days?! Ok, so I can't go with that name, how about the P90X of Real Estate Lead Conversion?...
I have a client that is strongly considering not buying a Virginia house because a few active termites were found and old mud tubes during a pest control inspection in Virginia.   I have tried to explain that almost every house in Virginia will have or has had termites at some point in time. And ...

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