Ok, this is in partly for my agents to make my life just a few minutes more efficient. This stuff adds up quickly with 100 emails a day.  1) Have professional looking headers. Only 5% of Realtors do this right! Spam, Friend or Business? Email Headers, Why They Matter.   2) Use a subject line! See...
Ok, loan guys, you are up next! My entire public blog is dedicated to revealing all the Myths Tricks and Truths from Realtors. Now I'd like to dabble in revealing a lending trick that many consumers and some Realtors might not realize. What they don't realize is HOW lenders really get paid. It is...
Hello!So my blog is getting kind of long and it has a ton of gems in it (if I may say so myself), so I decided to start a group that showcases products and technology that will either save you $100 or 100 minutes. Introducing the group: $100 or 100 minutes, Techy time savers! So far we just have ...
How many of your use Youtube? It is pretty easy. Set your $200 camera to video mode and put it on 320 resolution and if you have the option of 30 frames per second, use that. Here I go into my Client Bill of Rights.  Watch this blog via Youtube:  Thanks! Hope you enjoy the movie.Frank  
"Gadfly," 1) a person who upsets the status quo by stimulating innovation by proving an irritant. 2) any of various flies, like a horsefly, that bite or annoy livestock. First JetBlue left customers on the runway for 10 hours. After this disaster they came out with a JetBlue Bill of Rights.Then ...
I just wanted to make a little fun of the agents that have "Top 1%" or "Million Dollar Producer"  on their cards. I love these "awards" or titles. I get a kick out of them.   Lets start with the "Million Dollar Producer." A friend of mine saw this on somebody's card and was like "wow," they actua...

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