Ok, so I've written a ton about Listing Agents That Suck. And a blog about the Frankly Bill of Rights, Excellence Comes Standard.Now I have launched a new group and website  Why? I started getting requests from friends and blog readers from across the US that needed to...
So I wouldn’t be able to get away with this blog unless you had read all of my other blogs that have scared off some potential buyers from buying. So if you want, I’ll wait here until you read the others and come back…(blog)  …Ok. So here is a tidbit that a Realtor might tell you eventually, but ...
I called it about a year ago (still searching for the email). It finally happened. I stumbled upon a 1 penny buyer agent co-op fee!!Yep, it came from For Sale By Owner service (iggys house and iggyshouse for search engine purposes)The listing ID is AR6381069 in Arlington Virgi...
 You've seen the magazine headlines about selling For Sale By Owner and saving $20,000! Well I'm going to tell you exactly how to do it!  Other Realtors may hate me for it, but I think consumers deserve to know all the REAL options available. The inside scoop. Did you know that the National Assoc...
So I have a long blog coming soon that will reveal to sellers EXACTLY the steps necessary to sell their house FSBO. Including how Flat fee MLS services work (ie only paying the buyer agent).But I had to write about this first. A buddy of mine in Chicago wanted to sell his place. He, like almost e...
I know some Realtors think it is their job to make their client feel all warm and fuzzy by making the buyer think that they got a "Good Deal". Kind of like how almost everyone who buys a car walks out thinking that they got a good deal! I don't believe in this.  I am not hired to be a comforter. ...
Read the testimonials of SignsRUs customers and the CEO response. His response should make it more clear how they do business. Also check out all the fake anonymous posts in support of this company. I'm looking for recommendations for places to order signs online. 24x24 purple signs made of metal...

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