The first builder I noticed offering "Pricing Guarantees" was The Park At Courthouse, An Arlington Condo. I thought the idea was brilliant. A promotional plan that would give buyer's some security in their preconstruction purchase, in case prices dropped. So in theory, if you bought a place for $...
Ok, there has been a ton of talk on here about Link Farms and Duplicated content.First a quick definition for newcomers.Link Farms, or Link exchanges, Link Directories: A website or page on a website that houses tons of links to other websites. Oftentimes done in trade (I'll link to you, if you l...
A subprime loan is a loan given to people with low credit scores. Those loans are either:1) At a much higher interest rate, or2) With closing costs and/or points through the roof. Either way it is highway robbery!I've debated before about the close call of buying vs renting and even steered many ...
I have been reading up on Karen George's SEO suggestions (even though she is a loan person focusing on Arizona Loans) on increasing the number of links to my website, and specifically doing it with keyword linking (also known as anchor text).You might have heard about link swaps, but apparently (...
My favorite blog that I mail to people daily is Spam, Friend or Business? Email Headers, Why They Matter. So make you become part of the elite 5% that knows how to properly format your email headers! Sidenote: If you like this blog, make sure to click on "Subscribe to Blog" on the upper right.  T...

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