Frankly, Predictions are tough to make, especially about the future*. I predict that will STILL acquire ActiveRain!To bring some of you up to speed, ActiveRain was in talks with for an acquisition. At the last second bailed. ActiveRain is now suing for $33,000,000. (Act...
Updated Sept 9th 2009: Voting begins today! Hello my name is Frank Borges LLosa, broker for and I'm once again on the ballot for the National Association of REALTORS NVAR 2010 Board of Directors election. The election takes place during the month of September 2010. There are 5 ...
Frankly, with prices dropping, it might be tempting to try to fight your tax assessment. Prove to the government that your place is worse LESS than tax assessment. Why not! Free money right? Use that cash for Disney World.Wrong! Unless you are part of a collective effort to reduce the tax assessm...
Many Virginia condo builders have bailed before completion of their projects, voiding thousands of contracts (see: Arlington Condos Trend: Back to Apts). Meanwhile, other builders, including single family home (SFH) builders, decided to plow through the rough market. Earlier in the year, builders...
Many are used to me tooting my own horn, well I'd like to take a break from that (just for a moment) to highlight some local Virginia Realtor blogs. Some are veterans, some are new and on fire! For those of you that like awards, feel free to take the unicorn graphic and put it on your blog.In no ...
Newspapers are filled with talk of the flood of foreclosures, but none that I have seen have taken a step back and defined all the different industry words for my new industry word: "SOL" (S* Out of Luck) Homes (tm), and how to buy them. 2-3% of MLS listed homes are SOL in Northern Virginia. Can ...
I just completed an article on defining SOL homes on the MLS, (S* Out of Luck) homes with the keywords: REO, foreclosure, bank, pre-foreclosure, short sale, auction, third party, 3rd party**. (see "SOL" Homes defined)I knew Arlington Virginia Homes had a few and some would go fast with aggressive...
Frankly, I'm seeking brutal honesty.I've been so focused on the content (which you might think sucks) but I do think my design sucks.I'd love to get your feedback on the layout and design and organization (or lack thereof) of my main  Thanks!Frank
I was looking through my weblogs to find out where some of my traffic is coming from.I found a few hundred hits from my postings on Craiglist a few months back. I posted them under the Real Estate services section , which is pretty much the land of "it is ok to advertise services."I'm not worried...
Frankly, the #1 questions I get are market timing questions like: "Have we hit bottom?" and "Is NOW the time to buy?" Well, after months of thinking and market analysis I've discovered the EXACT time you should buy, down to the DAY! So you no longer believe the "Buy Now!" campaign from the Nation...

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