Termite companies are having a hard time, so they EXAGGERATE TO GET BUSINESS. Business is down. They charge a measly $20 to do an inspection. Probably losing $50 per inspection in hopes of finding stuff... So what do they do? They find stuff. This "stuff" is nothing, yet they can exaggerate enoug...
Updated 10-22-08 Stop thinking about what camera to buy. As of Oct 2008, The #1 best Point and Shoot camera is still the Kodak v570 (or the sister v705). See my review from 1-07. Brief summary: 1) It is the widest point and shoot camera with 23mm. (The lower the number the better.) Compare the 23...
This blog post was transcribed for $1! How excited am I right now? I’m heading to sleep and I’m using pen and paper to write this post. Sure I could use a laptop, but with all the IMs, twittering, Youtube, and Outlook (which checks email every 4 minutes) I get a whole bunch of nothing (blogging)...
Update 7-9-08: This post is pretty worthless compared to the COMMENTS. They are a ton more insightful. Something smells fishy. Virginia Realtors: What are you all seeing in regards to Bank Deficiency Judgments/ Judgements*  in Virginia? Disclosure: I am not a lawyer, this is a discussion and my u...
Ok, I got a new secret. I just got a new spam. Subject line: 100% Loans to Active Military & Veterans to $650,000 It was sent by a stranger to my homesdatabase email of (don't worry I have change it ever few months due to spam) (they cultivated the emails from that site) I...
I just attended the NVAR (Northern Virginia Association of Realtors) Hispanic Forum event, which included Michelle Yam from MRIS's Compliance department. It was a great way to clarify the rules on how to advertise cooperating commissions on our local MLS. Here are the rules for MRIS as I understa...
I really hate spam. You might know this if you have been to my If you also hate spam, please boycott Superior Termite. I have reported these guys 3 or 4 times to MRIS. Nothing has been done, so hopefully this will work. And hopefully Google will pick it up. What they do is ill...
Many might consider me a horrible Realtor. Why? Because I won't answer my phone and I won't call random people back, just because they want me to. Is that bad? Let me explain.   First of all, my cell isn't published online. My clients get that, and they can call all they want.  But I get WAY too ...
I wrote extensively before about Short Sales and how only 5% close in my area. Well, I think it might be a little too harsh to completely ban them, especially if a client is looking further south where the stats might not be AS bad. So I have come up with a questionnaire to ask the listing agent ...

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