First my thoughts on the $700,000,000,000 bail out... I told you so! Read my blog post from 12-2007 entitled: SIV= Imagine Enron, Bank Wide. (I posted it on my more frequent, but less polished blog on ActiveRain) The #1 problem is OFF-BOOKS accounting! All of these sub-prime loans are hidden. Nob...
Just an update to my rant yesterday about sucky internet lenders and Lending At the advice of the listing agent, we used her favorite lender Darran Anthony from Suntrust. My clients were given endless last minute excuses for 3 days, and come the closing day, the excuses continued. We di...
Any agents out there frustrated because their clients got caught up in the "Lending Tree, When Banks Compete You Win?" Well, as many of you know, that is a crock. Great marketing slogan though! "When Banks Compete, You LOSE!" Too many times these internet lenders screw my clients. They get sucker...
This is only for the super techy out there. Who has a Blackberry? I am currently set up with T-Mobile and I'm getting my email at work using a POP mail server. What is really annoying is that I might be gone for 5 hours and have read 20 emails on my phone, and when I get back to the office, I hav...

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