Dell Mini 10v refurbished for as low as $170 shipped. I absolutely LOVE my Dell Mini 10v. I can't tell you how many I have bought for gifts, or for friends etc. So finally I'm going to just write out the steps to get one, so I don't need to be the one buying it for everyone. Why do I love it? It...
 Too frequently, I get an email from somebody that has been following my blog and tweets for months and is now ready to buy! I get the details of this person’s dream home, including number of bedrooms, lot size and location (don’t get me wrong, most buyers still do their own searching). But then ...
You've seen them, and maybe you have used them. The "Home Inspection for Information Purposes Only." (coupled with no home inspection contingency, ie, no back and forth, no walkingg after the inspection) What the hell is that? It is a trick, is what it is. In my first year, I let one agent do thi...
 He's #1, She's #1, Everyone is top 1%! Heck, even I was #1, once.  How is that possible? How can everyone be #1?  Well here is how it works.  1) Consolidation with Teams  This is where a Realtor becomes a "Team." or skips the "team" title but has others working under them.  The agents within thi...
This is a MUST HAVE. So Don't think "Will I" instead think "How do I sign up?" (This is not a paid advertisement, though I should get paid.) Rocks. It is like the ShamWOW of the world of voicemail. (This is not a paid advertisement, though I should get paid.) does two mai...
Update: Sept 20th, the link to voting is hard to find on NVAR's site, so use this link to get there directly: Update Sept 10th. Preliminary results are in! Frank is in 2nd to last place! Updated Sept 9th 2009: Voting began! (please Tweet/Repost etc) Vote through Oct ...

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