Update 9-1-09: The NV24 is now getting harder to fine on Amazon for $150 refurbished. Also look at the prices on the Samsung HZ10W 10MP, which is just as wide at 24mm, but it is a bigger camera (probably sharper). It might even be cheaper than the NV24. Also Canon is coming out with a 24mm. Kinda...
I've told many agents directly about some new free offerings at, but I thought I'd blog about them to make sure everyone knows. receives over 5,000 unique visitors a day. Why aren't you a part of it? 1) Join the LIVE REALTOR CHAT PAGE and answer MLS questions from bu...
I got the best feedback of the year yesterday. Somebody said they wanted to use me as their agent, but they thought I was too busy for them. They signed up another agent and they were disappointed. Then they recommended my blog, Youtube and to 3 friends. They also liked what they r...
Here are three cameras on photo mode.   Canon Sd600 35mm (not wide angle, standard camera)   Kodak v705 (v570) 23mm Ultra Wide Angle Point and Shoot camera. (ignore ugly timestamp)   Expensive Nikon D90 DSLR With a 10mm-20mm Sigma, (10mm actually is "only" 15mm with this DSLR) What do you think? ...
Here are three cameras' on video mode. WOW! Finally! Compare a 35mm to a 28mm to a 15mm. Ignore the compression because Photobucket reduces these 50 megabyte files to 1 megabyte. Focus on color, sharpness and WIDE ANGLENESS. Canon Sd600 35mm (not wide angle) AVI file format. 640 resolution with 3...
I'm teaching a Real Estate class in about 6 hours and I'm too lazy to transfer the photos onto a card reader and onto the laptop for the presentation, so I thought I'd just make a blog post and surf on over tomorrow. The #2 tip to real estate photography (#1 is getting a super wide angle camera l...
Free Class notice: Thur Jan 8th at 9:30am at FAAR. Click here if you know me, non FAAR members can attend. ----------------- I am done being nice. Ok, so I take decent photos. Does that mean another listing agent has the right to steal my photos? No? The ownership remains with the photographer, n...
(Free Realtor Class Alert: 9:30am Jan 8th Thursday Photo & Video Class for Realtors at FAAR) So I'm a big fan of Redfin. I love their MLS search engine (better mapping vs. my faster and don't worry, they love a good debate, as long as they get link love (helps with Google). This i...
I hate spam. Whether it is PORN spam, or Lender spam. I have been fighting MRIS for literally 4 years! Yes, 4 years. Why? Because how they handle the member email addresses.  I do not feel they are doing everything possible (or much for that matter) to reduce the amount of spam that we get as a d...

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