2011 is growing! And with that it requires "neused" agents to get a crash course in the Frankly way. You know, the preverbial (yes!! been dying to use that word, even if it doesn't fit perfectly) drinking the office Koolaid. So this post will recap some central concepts and put them ...
(updated 1-2014) You may have heard of the "10 Days of Hell" for lead conversion (link), so I have invented something better! You guessed it! "9 Days of Hell". Why do in 10 days what my system can do in 9 Days?! Ok, so I can't go with that name, how about the P90X of Real Estate Lead Conversion?...
I have a client that is strongly considering not buying a Virginia house because a few active termites were found and old mud tubes during a pest control inspection in Virginia.   I have tried to explain that almost every house in Virginia will have or has had termites at some point in time. And ...
I am trying to talk to people who are currently using Anybody out there try it out or use it on a day to day? I want to know whether the agents actually enter in the data.   Especially for lead management.   I'm also all ears if you use something else. Frank

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