20 realtor only tips : It's The Staging Stupid!! - 04/16/07 01:25 PM
So I have a long blog coming soon that will reveal to sellers EXACTLY the steps necessary to sell their house FSBO. Including how Flat fee MLS services work (ie only paying the buyer agent).
But I had to write about this first. 
A buddy of mine in Chicago wanted to sell his place. He, like almost every person in the United States NEEDS that last $5k, or $10k, so he wanted to "save" and sell it by owner. I, the oftentimes Anti-Realtor, told him NOT to take this approach (I guess I am more of an ANTI-SUCKY-ASS-AGENTS agent).
So I told him … (31 comments)

20 realtor only tips : Loan officer secrets revealed! The "What would you like to make" sheet. - 03/09/07 03:03 PM
Ok, loan guys, you are up next!
My entire public blog is dedicated to revealing all the Myths Tricks and Truths from Realtors.
Now I'd like to dabble in revealing a lending trick that many consumers and some Realtors might not realize.
What they don't realize is HOW lenders really get paid. It is obvious for Realtors based on our public commissions, lenders fees are backloaded, front loaded or sideloaded. I dont mind people making money. I dont mind people making a lot of money. I DO mind their customers not understanding HOW they make money. 
Consumers call a lender and … (6 comments)

20 realtor only tips : "Top 1% Realtors" or "Top 10,000 Realtors" Which sounds better? - 03/02/07 09:08 AM
I just wanted to make a little fun of the agents that have "Top 1%" or "Million Dollar Producer"  on their cards.
I love these "awards" or titles. I get a kick out of them. 
Lets start with the "Million Dollar Producer." A friend of mine saw this on somebody's card and was like "wow," they actually thought that it meant something impressive. They thought the agent was a millionaire! I pointed out that all it meant was that he sold $1,000,000 worth of property in 12 months. So in the DC area, if they sold two condos, one condo for … (13 comments)

20 realtor only tips : Business Cards JUST for Showings. Phone-less - 01/25/07 01:52 AM
This tip will save you 100 minutes in no time! 
Some of you might not mind this, but after showing 10-20 homes, I suddenly get a flurry of calls. "What did you think about the place." Sometimes 20 calls because the agent will try a couple of times to reach me.
First of all, I have no memory. So they try to explain that there house was the one on the corner near the lilac bushes. As I noticed the bushes.
So I made a new batch of business cards that say to email me for feedback and to include photos or a link … (28 comments)

20 realtor only tips : New Agent? Discount Your 1st deal. - 01/21/07 03:36 PM
I could write a longer post about this, hell I could write a book about it (I even mentioned my Rookie book on the Discovery Channel YouTube.FranklyRealty.com  show that I was on), but you newbies should consider something...
Discount your first deal!
Hell I don't care if you work your tail off and you get NOTHING, zilch zip. What you get it a track record. You get something under your belt. And guess what? Doing your first deal for free is FAR less stressful than doing your first deal for a "full" commission.
I know that some of you might say that … (2 comments)

20 realtor only tips : For Realtors: Realtor spam, where it comes from & how to SLOW it down. - 01/15/07 06:17 PM
Spam, defined as “Unsolicted mass email,” is on the rise and it is directly impacting how tech savvy Realtors do business. The old days of "just delete it" or  expecting a spam filter to be flawless are gone. Now spam gets routed to cell phones interrupting business and the spam filters frequently contain real clients, or they block legitimate emails from getting through. Spam lowers profits and wastes a sizable amount of time.
Some think that there is nothing that can be done to stop it. They are right. But there are some new techniques that you can use to drastically … (25 comments)

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