100 tech group: How Twitter SAVED Me $80 - 06/16/09 04:38 AM
The new search engine... TWITTER!
Yep. People don't think of Twitter as a search engine.
What is wrong with Google? It has everything?
The problem... it has everything!
Twitter is REAL TIME. So it shows you recent and updated news and information. I used it yesterday to save $80. I needed a coupon code. I did a search for Dell Outlet Coupon Code on Google and for 1,000 results, all with expired coupons. I logged into my twitter account and did a general search for Dell Outlet Coupon and saved $80!
Easy as that!
Try it for everything from Victoria … (10 comments)

100 tech group: Great GPS now $100. Still searching for Traffic GPS. Anybody? - 06/03/08 03:32 AM
Finally the GPSes have dropped to under $100 so they can make my $100 Tech Tips group (join).
The Tom Tom One Refurbished is now $100 after rebate on Amazon! How cool is that?
This is the exact one that I use. It is great. I don't get the need for the more expensive ones that have MP3 or Photo viewing. Just give me GPS out of the box.
Also the higher end models will read you the street name. Some think this is important, I don't.
But I still am in search for the elusive GPS with Traffic rerouting. Now … (12 comments)

100 tech group: This Post was Transcribed for 50 cents. - 05/20/08 10:17 AM

This blog post was transcribed for $1!
How excited am I right now?
I’m heading to sleep and I’m using pen and paper to write this post. Sure I could use a laptop, but with all the IMs, twittering, Youtube, and Outlook (which checks email every 4 minutes) I get a whole bunch of nothing (blogging) done.
So the handwriting idea was great... but then I could never find a moment or 20 to write it out.
So how will I find time to type this all out?
Well the idea for transcribing handwritten posts came up at a recent … (13 comments)

100 tech group: MLS Photo Collages & other Photoshop adjustments - 05/08/07 12:41 AM

So this house started with a great image taken by the homeowner. I pulled it into photoshop and added the following:
1) Saturation & Lightened it up
2) Sharpen setting
3) Inserted 3 photos with white drop shadow (see 5 examples)
By default most websites duplicating the MLS (Realtor.com) will only show 1 photo by default. By putting up a collage, the home buyer can see within a second that it is spacious inside and they have a pool in the backyard. Sometimes I also put in the remarks "Ask your agent for the 30 additional photos."
As a buyer, which would you prefer? 
Also you can … (41 comments)

100 tech group: Email Shortcuts, Etiquette, & Abbreviations= Save Time (ST). - 03/10/07 05:55 AM
Ok, this is in partly for my agents to make my life just a few minutes more efficient. This stuff adds up quickly with 100 emails a day. 
1) Have professional looking headers. Only 5% of Realtors do this right!
Spam, Friend or Business? Email Headers, Why They Matter.  
2) Use a subject line!
Seems obvious but so many people forget. The problem is two fold.
First you have a higher chance of spam filters trashing it.
Secondly, you are making it harder to read on a cell phone that might only show the subject line, It wastes time figuring out … (29 comments)

100 tech group: Introducing "$100 or 100 minutes, Techy Time Savers!" Group - 03/08/07 05:49 AM
So my blog is getting kind of long and it has a ton of gems in it (if I may say so myself), so I decided to start a group that showcases products and technology that will either save you $100 or 100 minutes.
Introducing the group: $100 or 100 minutes, Techy time savers!
So far we just have my postings, which are: 
GPS with Traffic, A Myth?  Does anybody use one that works? $3 Million dollar client, $11 ad! Decent return? No need for $100+ newspaper ads.  Spam, Friend or Business? Email Headers, Why They Matter. If you look like spam … (15 comments)

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