market timing: ALERT! Market BOTTOM! I have 100% Proof! - 04/08/08 04:40 AM
I officially have 100% proof that we have officially hit rock bottom.
No other indicators from NAR or the government have been as accurate as the proof that I have. I found a 100% correlation!
When My MOM SELLS, THE MARKET SKYROCKETS shortly thereafter! 
The chart to the left is factual. Actual points when my Mom has sold her property.
The last arrow is from a recent listing  which is now under contract. (see listing).
So there you have it. No more need to think. I have always been against the NAR campaign that says "Buy Now," but now I can show proof that NOW is … (25 comments)

market timing: NAR's Lawrence Yun Predicted in 05 "close to zero" chance of a price drop. - 11/29/07 08:59 AM
If a prognosticator expects us to listen to their fortune telling predictions, they should be held to their past predictions.
Over at the Bubble Meter, he uncovered a quote from NVAR's website where Lawrence Yun in 2005 said that there was "close to zero" chance for a price decline in DC.
Why do I bring this up?
1) I question whether Yun or NAR could be held liable for such claims. If a JP Morgan analyst said something like this about a stock, there would be a class action lawsuit against them if they were not only wrong, but so far off. 
2) I … (18 comments)

market timing: List Today? Or Wait Till Jan or Spring? Debate! - 11/25/07 11:08 AM
This is part 2 to my: Current Sellers "Wait Till Spring"? Yeah Right. Lose $10,000.
Which focuses on sellers that put their home on the market around September and whether they are better off trying to get a deal done in December, vs waiting until Spring to get a higher price. My data showed that they got $10,000 LOWER if they waited until Spring.
The question that I still have is:
If you are considering Listing TODAY, are you better off waiting until January 1st or Feb 1st to list your house?
Inventory is lower, less to choose from. Everything … (13 comments)

market timing: Current Sellers "Wait Till Spring"? Yeah Right. Lose $10,000. - 11/25/07 10:58 AM
How frequently have you heard a seller during the month of November or December say that they will just "wait until the Spring to sell for more."
As if they can get a higher price then.
Well don't believe it.
On the one hand I don't believe in data since it can be easily massaged, but you gotta start somewhere.
I analyzed 111 in Arlington that had a list date of September 1-30 in 2006. I took the NET after seller subsidy (but I didn't track back to the original list date even though 15% are relisters)
I then looked at those Sept … (9 comments)

market timing: Stockbrokers Can't Predict Stocks, Realtors Can't Either! - 01/17/07 05:13 AM
When you hear a Realtor telling you that the market will go up, don't believe him/her. He makes money if he sell you on buying, and he will be long gone if you lose your shirt. Meanwhile since 2004 I was giving out shirts that said it was probably a bubble: Sure Realtors might be able to see a 1-3 month window and mini-trends like what happened in Arlington when there were 10x the number of units on the market versus the year before. A high school Supply and Demand class could see that coming. But besides that, we don't really … (5 comments)

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