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It's getting to be that Time of Year   I am starting to see to see the signs of Fall and the upcoming holiday season. If you go to Home Depot, Sams or Wal-Mart just take a look around. In addition, I am seeing more homes decorated in Destrehan LA for Holloween. Close to Destrehan there is a pumpk...
Client Ask the Question     I was visiting with a client this afternoon. We were discussing a listing and the question came up. No not the commission or pricing question but will a buyer be able to close the loan? My repeat client wants to sell his home in Ormond Estate in Destrehan LA. They are ...
Today my personal home is undergoing its annual termite treatment. I have been personally using H & M Termite for several years. H & M spray all our rental properties. H & M Termite can handle all your needs and or very reasonable price wise. For fast service give H & M a call.   H & M Termite & ...
NO LEADERSHIP Just reading on Jim Crawford's post Democrats Propose Another Stimulus Package Today? The good folks in DC want more free money. Not to place a package in place, but for Radio's and the like. Obama wants the debate to move forward tonight so he can hide his inability of LEADERSHIP a...
Business Philosophy Recently I read an article in Realty Times. The article by Denise Lones titled What's Your Business Philosophy? The article got me thinking about some changes in my current firm. In times of change such as this real estate market is seeing we need do need to make some changes....
#20 BOIMARE AVE KENNER LA SOLD Day on Market 123 #20 BOIMARE, Act of Sale was September 17, 2008. The property act of sale was interrupted by Hurricane Gustav. We lost appr. 15 days due to the storm. This property had very few issues. If you want to sell a Property in Driftwood Subdivision, pick ...
Active Rain and the Press   The local business newspaper called today. They wanted information on a listing in the Mid City New Orleans area. The reporter asks various questions and I gave my answers. Our listing on North Jeff Davis is under contract hopefully it will close by month's end. Hurric...
Facebook   This may help someone. Over a year ago I set up a page on Facebook. I have had two contacts from the page. Both were old friends. The second contact was from my childhood. She lived on the block. She is in the market for a new home. I have not talked or seen her in about 30 years. Now ...
Governor Bobby Jindal Blog for August 22, 2008 The Governor most recent Blog recaps the recent happenings of Hurricane Gustav. The Governor is progressive and well verse in reaching the masses. Visit Governor Bobby Jindal site. Governor Jindal was prepared for the Hurricane season. Much work is s...
Treo 755P       Here is a suggestion for your Treo 755p. Built into the Treo 650p and 755p there is software called Bluetooth. Turn it on in your office; see which devices are Bluetooth enable. The one thing about this technology stuff that bothers me is all the wires. God help you if you forget ...

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