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New Orleans, Northshore and Baton Rouge Louisiana. Experienced Broker and Agents who help both Buyers and Sellers put the Real Estate puzzle together. Search the MLS for homes in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Spanish speaking clients are not a problem. Great Louisiana Homes. Call me @ 504.319.9696. Subscribe + Feed Widget



    The market shift has already started in my local market. I have felt for some time there has been a building pen up demand for real estate activity. The local economy and state of uncertainty has helped fuel this pen up demand. Now that buyers and sellers alike cannot wait any longer I am se...
This graphic was supplied by Active Rain. Let's spread the word and go to work.    Real Estate Is Back. Look at the US Data. Some interesting thoughts to share with your clients, customers and friends. The news is good and getting better.    Go to Realestate.com to see more data.    Real Estate I...
Real Estate Market Is Back I'm fortune enough to get this advance notice on this post. Please share with all your clients and  fellow Realtor. This is great news. I personally have seen an increase in listings and closed deals so far this quarter compare to the last several.  You're Getting Good ...
Daylight Savings Time March 10, 2013 Don't forget to move the clocks ahead one hour on Saturday Night for Daylight Savings. It's also a good time to replace smoke detector batteries. This is my favorite time of year. The longer days means more time to work in the garden and play golf.
Homes for Sale New Orleans    High Learning in New Orleans is world class. When considering purchasing a Home in New Orleans keep in mind the cost of Higher Learning. In New Orleans there are several University and Colleges to consider. Homes for Sale in the Greater New Orleans area could include...

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