baton rouge: SOLD - 2501 Judy Dr Meraux, La. 70075 | St Bernard Parish - 07/23/16 12:26 PM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
 Great Louisiana Homes
Greater New Orleans | Baton Rouge 
  Metairie | Kenner | St Bernard Parish
Homes for Sale St Bernard Parish
2501 Judy Dr 
Meraux, La. 70075
 Ready to move in home 3 Bedroom 2 Bath. Great neighborhood. Updated kitchen with new cabinets. Spacious Den with wood burning fireplace. Cathedral ceiling. Flooring includes tile and carpet. Large Master bedroom. Newer AC. Driveway leading to Cover Carport.
St Bernard Homes for Sale.
Hire a Mandisonville |Covington | St Bernard Real Estate Broker who can explain the importance of common sense tips in Selling property in St. Tammany Parish, St Charles, St Bernard or Jefferson Parish. As a … (2 comments)

baton rouge: Metairie Homes for Sale June 2016 Market Report - 07/23/16 10:02 AM
Metairie | Kenner |Covington
Homes for Sale Metairie, La.  
Market Report for Homes for Sale in Zip Code 70006
Days on Market | New Listings 
DOM is often use in Real Estate terms in Homes for Sale talk. DOM refers to Days on Market. Home for sale in Metairie in Zip Code 70006 DOM in June 2016 was 127 Days. DOM is the average time a house is on the market. This is up by 65 Days from June 2015.
New Listings- These figures represent the homes for sale in zip code 70006. June 2016 saw new listing in the amount of 26. This is compare to 20 homes in June 2015.
Bottom Line - The … (3 comments)

baton rouge: Home Owner Association | Homes for Sale in Covington - 05/06/16 06:15 AM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
 Great Louisiana Homes
Greater New Orleans | Baton Rouge 
  Metairie | Kenner |Covington
Home Owner Association (HOA)
Homes for Sale in Covington with Home Owner Association
Many communities on the Northshore of Greater New Orleans and Greater Baton Rouge Homes for sale require membership in the Local HOA. These communities include: Condominium | Office and Residential.
Purpose: Maintain current Proper values
Some HOA allow the property owner to pay their fee’s Monthly, Quarterly or Annually. The funds which are collected are used in part to pay for community services. These services could include: Common Area upkeep, Exterior Insurance, Pool maintenance, and Elevator services.
Most HOA have been recorded in the local court house.  HOA have bylaws (restrictions), these … (0 comments)

baton rouge: The Don'ts When Applying for A Real Estate Loan - 03/24/16 01:13 AM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
 Great Louisiana Homes
Greater New Orleans | Baton Rouge 
  Metairie | Kenner
What That House Worth?
 THE DON'TS When Applying for a Real Estate Loan 
BUYERS Buying a new home in Greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge, here is a list of DON'TS. Do not do any of these things. It will stop your dream of owning a NEW HOME.  
1. Buyer(s) will not change jobs, quit your job or become self-employed.
2. Buyer(s) will not buy a car, truck, motorcycle. 
3. Buyer(s) will not use credit cards, open new credit lines or fall behind on current payments.
4. Buyer(s) will not spend money set … (4 comments)

baton rouge: Happy New Year 2016 - 12/30/15 01:35 AM
On Behalf of the Entire Team at  Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC we wish you Peace, Health and Prosperity throughout the New Year 2016.
Thank you for your trust and confidence you have place in Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC. 
All the Best in 2016
Frank Rubi

baton rouge: HOME Survey 2015 - 12/23/15 06:48 AM
Renters looking to move forward and become Home Owners according to this recent Home Survey 2015. 

baton rouge: Referral via Active Rain Again! - 07/28/15 08:31 PM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
 Great Louisiana Homes
Greater New Orleans | Baton Rouge 
  Metairie | Kenner
Referral from Active Rain via California 
Another Referral via Active Rain from California
Yesterday I received a call via a Active Rain member from California with a Referral selling in Metairie, La. The home is locate in Pontchartrain Gardens in Metairie.  Pontchartrain Gardens is centrally located and easy commute to New Orleans. If you’re a health Care worker, your in walking distance to East Jefferson General Hospital. 
Active Rain provides a source of Realtor to Realtor business network.
Over the last 8 years Active Rain has link many such referral coming and going … (11 comments)

baton rouge: Curb Appeal De-Clutter The Front Yard | Selling Your Real Estate - 07/21/15 08:54 PM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
 Great Louisiana Homes
Greater New Orleans | Baton Rouge 
  Madisonville| Covington
Curb Appeal De-Clutter the Front Yard 
Many people think the term De-Clutter just refers to the interior of a house. It can and does include the front yard. Hence the term Curb Appeal.
First impressions are lasting ones. Curb appeal is to me the most important impression when a buyer enters a home. If the front yard of the property is well maintain the buyer enters the property on a positive note.
If you love plants and a garden that's great. Have the plants well water and groom. Whether your selling or not visitors … (11 comments)

baton rouge: Finding Your New Metairie | Kenner Home for Sale | Realtor - 07/11/15 11:57 PM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
Great Louisiana Homes
Search New Orleans Real
Finding Your New Metairie | Kenner Home
Buyers Must Be Ready

There appears to be a low inventory of Metairie Homes that are price to sell. The Price point should reflect the over all condition of the Metairie home. Homes price well are selling at extreme fast pace. Price point and property condition are very important.
If your a buyer and your Realtor has spotted a home that meets your criteria you must be ready to move. View the property and place a Bid. Many buyers in Metairie are looking for the same thing in a new purchase. Some … (2 comments)

baton rouge: Ready to Move to Your Metairie | Kenner Home | Homes for Sale - 07/11/15 11:22 PM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
Louisiana Great Homes
Search New Orleans Real
Moving to your new Home in Metairie | Northshore
 7 Tips to help Move
When purchasing a Metairie | Kenner home and the consummation is near you must prepare for your Move. Whether your moving across Metairie or to the Northshore's Covington or Mandeville area watch how you pack.
7 Tips to help your move go Smoothly
1. Label All Boxes
2. Account for items you will need daily
3. Legal, Financial and Insurance papers keep close
4. Pack clothes for a week separately to include your complete set of work clothes
5. All documents for the new home should be available so pack … (0 comments)

baton rouge: The Purchase Agreement | Buyers | Sellers | Metairie Real Estate - 07/10/15 07:14 AM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
Search New Orleans Real
Great Louisiana Homes
Looking over the Purchase Agreement
Often times in the excitement of Selling a Metairie Home details maybe missed or overlooked in a contract. The Buyer/Seller and the Realtor should always double check the details of any contract.
The Seller should disclose any known defects in the property disclosure. Property disclosures are require for all Residential property sold in Louisiana. IF known defects are disclose this could possible decrease the chance of legal action in the future.
Buyers should have the terms spelled out in writing. This is to include finance and move in dates. Most fixed … (2 comments)

baton rouge: Happy Father's Day 2015 - 06/18/15 11:08 PM
Happy Father's Day
Father's Day is a special day as for most. My Wife went into labor with my Daughter Sarah on Father's Day.
Both parents have place their lives on the line for all their children. Many children do not relize that the Parents were right until they are parents them selves.
Today is Dad's turn to remember and appricate all the Dad's. 
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
Search New Orleans Real

baton rouge: NAR 2015 Member Profile | Realtors - 06/12/15 04:46 AM
Found this Profile on Thought it may be of interest. Click on the NAR 2015 Profile and it will bring you to the highlights.  Highlights from the 2015 NAR Member Profile: Fifty-eight percent of REALTORS® were licensed as sales agents, and 80 percent of members specialize in residential brokerage. The typical REALTOR® has 12 years of experience. Sixty-five percent of REALTORS® reported having a website for at least five years, 12 percent reported having a real estate blog, and 65 percent of members are using social media. The typical REALTOR® earned 20 percent of their business from repeat clients and customers and … (6 comments)

baton rouge: National Donut Day June 5 2015 | Metairie | Kenner - 06/03/15 01:50 PM
Celebrate National Donut Day
June 5, 2015
Go out an get a Freebie
 The Salvation Army  started National Donut Day in Honor the women who served Donuts to our soldiers in World War I. The year was 1938 and the First Friday in June was the date picked. Many national chains will honor National Donut Day. The some of the national chains include the following:
Dunkin Donut
Krispy Kreme
Winn Dixie will offer Donut Holes in the Bakery Shop
Enjoy National Donut Day!

baton rouge: What's in A Brand | Frank Rubi Real Estate | ActiveRain - 06/03/15 11:06 AM
Whats in a Brand
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
Search New Orleans Real
Homes near and in Metairie | Kenner
When deciding on a Metairie | Kenner Real Estate Broker  your Brand is important. In order to build my Brand we joined ActiveRain in March 2007. ActiveRain is the largest Real Estate related social media network. Over 269,000 members and 1,000,000 view per month. A Brand will help in identifying a company philosophy, service levels and customer service. A brand can identify a real estate brokerage. A brand will identify a brokerage by size but also a Real Estate Brokerage which will give you personal customer service. A recent … (2 comments)

baton rouge: Using Active Rain to Build Your Business | Realtor | - 06/01/15 07:12 AM
Use Active Rain to Build Your Business
Active Rain can help build your business and brand. As a Real Estate Broker in Metairie and Kenner I tried to attend most of my brokerage closing. I have a question on Active Rain "Does Your Broker Attend Closing".  Recently while attending a closing a buyer express that they felt that they knew me. I had not met the buyers before at least not in person. I ask how, they stated through my post on Active Rain. Active Rain help me close another deal.
Adding Active Rain to my marketing efforts has paid off over the last Seven (7) years. Here's … (20 comments)

baton rouge: The Process of Buying a Home | Homes Near Schools in Metairie - 05/21/15 11:32 PM
The Process of Buying or Selling a Home in Metairie / Kenner, La. 
When buying a Metairie Home for Sale there are often many questions. Sellers want to know if it is a sure thing. Often the answer is it Depends. Ask a Real Estate Broker in Metairie / Kenner for more Seller information. 
Buyers need to understand the entire process to help with understanding and stress. 
From the Buyer perspective here is a flow tree of the Buyers experience. 
Hire a Realtor who knows and understands Real Estate. Work with a Loan Officer who will see you thur the Banking issue. Get Prequalified ( … (2 comments)

baton rouge: Time to Sell Your Metairie Home | 200k and up | Outgrown your Property - 05/12/15 11:42 PM
Home for Sale near Metairie. Homes Price correctly are Selling Fast in Metairie.
Have You Outgrown Your Metairie Home?
Five Ways to Tell if It's Time to Sell Your Metairie Home.
Your home is your castle, your own little piece of the American dream. But lately, your little corner of the world has been feeling cramped and you find yourself eyeing those larger homes. Is it time to pull up stakes and move on from your starter home?

1. Growing Family
If you've added to your family in recent years, you may have more bodies than bedrooms. A three bedroom home may … (7 comments)

baton rouge: Frank Alongi's Plumbing | 504-415-7418 | Harahan La. - 04/11/15 12:50 PM
When ever there is a plumbing issue I call
Frank Alongi's Plumbing 504-415-7418.
I have been using Frank Alongi's Plumbing since 2001. All my plumbing issues are usually address in a timely fashion. Frank's and his crew are licensed and insured. He has travel to my properties in all areas, to include the Northshore. Whether you're in Harahan, Metairie, Kenner, Destrehan or Slidell, Frank will assist you.
 Frank has a family, and is reliable and honest. If Frank tells you he is coming he will be there at the pre-arrange time. Frank and his crew are very neat and work in a … (2 comments)

baton rouge: Happy Easter 2015 | Frank Rubi Real Estate - 04/04/15 10:26 PM
As is our family tradition, we will spend Easter Sunday in Metairie. My family will spend the day cooking and eating our favorites Crawfish, Shrimp and Hamburgers. Part of our tradition is the final wrap up of our beach holiday planning. This year no different, were planning a trip to Disneyworld and a week at the beach.  The weather here in New Orleans is prefect. The high near 80 with blue skies.
A beautiful day!
Enjoy your family today.

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