kenner: Happy New Year 2017 - 12/31/16 05:07 PM
On Behalf of the Entire Team at  Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC we wish you Peace, Health and Prosperity throughout the New Year 2017.
Thank you for your trust and confidence you have placed in Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC. 
All the Best in 2017
Frank Rubi

kenner: Tips to Help you Sell Your Meraux, La. | Home For Sale - 08/24/16 01:56 AM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
 Great Louisiana Homes
Greater New Orleans | Baton Rouge 
  Metairie | Kenner |Covington
Homes for Sale Metairie / Meraux, La.  
What's That House Worth?
 Homes for Sale in Meraux / Metairie
Housing inventory remains low for the Greater New Orleans marketing area. If your planning to Sell your home you should expect an appreciation of appx 2%. Some area may see slightly more than others. To give you a broad view of the market consider:
Residential Sales / Sold's for the Greater New Orleans Market:
1/1 - 8/24/ 2016
Total Units 8,773
Active 5,050
Pending 2,076 
Sold / Off Market 2,301
Days on Market 61
Always consider Price to Condition. The … (2 comments)

kenner: Metairie Homes for Sale June 2016 Market Report - 07/23/16 10:02 AM
Metairie | Kenner |Covington
Homes for Sale Metairie, La.  
Market Report for Homes for Sale in Zip Code 70006
Days on Market | New Listings 
DOM is often use in Real Estate terms in Homes for Sale talk. DOM refers to Days on Market. Home for sale in Metairie in Zip Code 70006 DOM in June 2016 was 127 Days. DOM is the average time a house is on the market. This is up by 65 Days from June 2015.
New Listings- These figures represent the homes for sale in zip code 70006. June 2016 saw new listing in the amount of 26. This is compare to 20 homes in June 2015.
Bottom Line - The … (3 comments)

kenner: Home Owner Association | Homes for Sale in Covington - 05/06/16 06:15 AM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
 Great Louisiana Homes
Greater New Orleans | Baton Rouge 
  Metairie | Kenner |Covington
Home Owner Association (HOA)
Homes for Sale in Covington with Home Owner Association
Many communities on the Northshore of Greater New Orleans and Greater Baton Rouge Homes for sale require membership in the Local HOA. These communities include: Condominium | Office and Residential.
Purpose: Maintain current Proper values
Some HOA allow the property owner to pay their fee’s Monthly, Quarterly or Annually. The funds which are collected are used in part to pay for community services. These services could include: Common Area upkeep, Exterior Insurance, Pool maintenance, and Elevator services.
Most HOA have been recorded in the local court house.  HOA have bylaws (restrictions), these … (0 comments)

kenner: FELIZ PASCUA 2016 - 03/24/16 01:56 AM
Frank Rubí Real Estate, LLC  
Grandes Casas de Louisiana Gran Nueva Orleans | Baton Rouge   Metairie | Kenner
¿Qué es ese Casa Vale la pena?  
  FELICES PASCUAS viviendas en venta Metairie / Baton Rouge
  Estamos llenos de Merced. Voy a disfrutar de esta semana con un descanso con mi familia en Disney World. Disfrutar de su familia en la actualidad.
  Es un día hermoso!    
Contratar a un Mandisonville | Covington | Baton Rouge corredor de bienes raíces que puede explicar la importancia de … (0 comments)

kenner: The Don'ts When Applying for A Real Estate Loan - 03/24/16 01:13 AM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
 Great Louisiana Homes
Greater New Orleans | Baton Rouge 
  Metairie | Kenner
What That House Worth?
 THE DON'TS When Applying for a Real Estate Loan 
BUYERS Buying a new home in Greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge, here is a list of DON'TS. Do not do any of these things. It will stop your dream of owning a NEW HOME.  
1. Buyer(s) will not change jobs, quit your job or become self-employed.
2. Buyer(s) will not buy a car, truck, motorcycle. 
3. Buyer(s) will not use credit cards, open new credit lines or fall behind on current payments.
4. Buyer(s) will not spend money set … (4 comments)

kenner: Mardi Gras 2016 Parade Schedule New Orleans and Baton Rouge, La. - 01/08/16 07:04 AM
Mardi Gras 2016
Parade Schedules
click to view the local schedule
Greater New Orleans Parades
Baton Rouge Parades

Enjoy the expand Mardi Gras 2016 Parade Links (New Orleans, Metairie and Baton Rouge).
Mardi Gras is the last party until Easter. 
Enjoy and Stay Safe. Hopefully no rain during this Carnival Season. 
New Orleans Mardi Gras 2016

kenner: Home Improvements to Boost Your Selling Price - 01/02/16 07:56 AM
If you need a starting point in getting your home ready for a Spring Sale, read this post. 
When it comes to looking at houses, we do tend to judge a book by its cover. That's why it's so important to make sure your home looks as appealing as possible, both inside and out, if you want to get top dollar when you sell. U.S. News & World Report talked to real estate experts, who said these home improvements will help boost your selling price.
Improve your landscape. Keep your lawn neat, trim the bushes, clear out any old or tired-looking shrubbery and … (3 comments)

kenner: HOME Survey 2015 - 12/23/15 06:48 AM
Renters looking to move forward and become Home Owners according to this recent Home Survey 2015. 

kenner: Southeast Louisiana Important Phone Numbers for New Home Owners - 12/21/15 06:06 AM
When Purchasing a new home in SouthEast Louisiana, these phone numbers and website will come in handy:
Important Phone Numbers
Entergy 800-368-3749
ATMOS (Gas) 800-547-4321
Cox Cable 504-304-8444
AT&T 888-757-6500
Times Picayune 504-822-6660
Jefferson Parish
Assessor Eastbank 504-736-6370
Assessor Westbank 504-362-4100
Public School 504-349-7600
Water/Garbage 504-736-6060
Plaquemines Parish
Assessor 504-297-5256
Public School 504-595-6400
Sewerage/Water 504-391-2386
North Office 504-391-8275
South Office 504-564-1809
Orleans Parish
Assessor 504-658-1300
Public Schools 504-304-5680
Catholic Archdiocese 504-861-9521
Sewerage/Water/Garbage 985-783-5110
St Charles Parish
Assessor 985-783-6281
Public Schools 985-785-6289
Water/Garbage 985-783-5110
St John the Baptist Parish
Assessor 985-652-5311
Public Schools 985-536-1106
Water/Garbage 985-652-3131
ComCast (Cable) 985-536-1106
St Tammany Parish
Assessor 985-646-1990
Public Schools 985-898-3297
CLECO 800-622-6537
SELA Water & Sewerage 985-6268426
Covington Water 985-892-3167
Mandeville Water 985-624-3167
Garbage 985-643-7784
AmeriGas 985-892-1590
Charter Comm. 888-821-4559
NorthShore Toll 985-626-4406
St Bernard Parish
Assessor 504-279-6379
Public School 504-301-2000
Water 504-271-1681
Tangipahoa Parish
Assessor 985-345-6226
Public School 985-748-7153
Water 985-345-6457
Sewerage 985-542-8877
Drivers License and … (3 comments)

kenner: Market Report Metairie, La. zip code 70006 Sept 2015 - 11/04/15 10:04 PM
         Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
 Great Louisiana Homes
Greater New Orleans | Baton Rouge 
  Metairie | Kenner | Northshore
Residential Market Report
The Year To Year comparison show a 110% Increase in Listings. Year to date also shows an increase of 7% in average price per for Homes Sold. The 70006 zip code  includes Pontchartrain Garden and Pontchartrain Shores. 
Metarie is Red Hot.
Looking for a new home. Work with a Realtor who can get the new listings information in your hand fast. Homes for Sale in Metairie and Kenner, LA. which are priced right do not last long. You have to work with a Realtor who … (1 comments)

kenner: Curb Appeal, what not to do - 09/14/15 07:02 PM
The first impression is everything when staging a home for sale. 
Curb appeal, one of the items that should be high on every seller's must-do list before they put their home on the market. There are a number of things that can be done to - at the very least - spruce up the front of the home.
Curb appeal, or better, the lack thereof, is one of the top 5 reasons why buyers may not enter a home!
What not to do
5. Don't be bland
you want your home to stand out, in a positive way, and stay top of … (8 comments)

kenner: 10 Home buying mistakes to avoid at all costs. - 09/11/15 05:57 PM
Home Buyers need to consider several factors when considering a new home. A property inspection is very important. This post provides several tips for all Home Buyers. 
These common home buying mistakes could cost you time, money, and sometimes the chance to buy your dream home.

Buying the oddball home.
Homes go up in value when other homes with similar layouts in the same neighborhood sell for more. These “comparables” or “comps” allow an appraiser to officially justify an increase in value, and therefore you’ll have more equity if you want to sell or refinance. So it’s important to buy a home … (6 comments)

kenner: What's the Difference Between an Appraisal and a Comparative Market Analysis - 09/11/15 05:15 PM
Often client will ask for a property's value. As a Realtor we are not license or trained to appraise real estate. This post explains the difference between an Appraisal and a Comparative Market Analysis.
What's the Difference Between an Appraisal and a Comparative Market Analysis
No proper real estate transaction can completed unless the true value of the house is determined. Most real estate agents will look into closed sales to use as a guide to reaching a Fair Market value for the subject property. This would be considered a Comparable Market Analysis, or CMA.

In researching the CMA, like properties … (2 comments)

kenner: Market Report Metairie, La. 70006 - 09/09/15 11:57 AM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
 Great Louisiana Homes
Greater New Orleans | Baton Rouge 
  Metairie | Kenner | Northshore
 Residential Market Report Metairie, La 70006  
The Year To Year comparison show a 60% Increase in Listings. Year to date shows an increase of 106% in new listings. The 70006 zip code which includes Pontchartrain Garden and Pontchartrain Shores of
Metarie is Red Hot.
August 2015New Listings:  16 
Home Sold: 17
Average Price: 290K
Day on Market: 71
August 2014
New Listings: 10
Home Sold: 15
Average Price: 239K
Days on Market: 41
2015 Year to Date:
New Listings: 167
Home Sold: 105
Average Price: 254k
Days on Market: 63
Looking for a new home. Work with a Realtor who can get the … (3 comments)

kenner: Labor Day 2015 - 09/05/15 11:10 AM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC 
Great Louisiana Homes
Greater New Orleans | Baton Rouge 
  Metairie | Kenner | Northshore
Happy Labor Day 2015 
The entire Frank Rubi Real Estate team would like to wish everyone a Safe and enjoyable Labor Day. Thank You for  your business.
Frank Rubi
Hire a Mandisonville |Covington | Real Estate Broker who can explain the importance of common sense tips in Selling property in St. Tammany Parish, St Charles or Jefferson Parish. As a Realtor I receive stats on today’s Real Estate trend and will make sure your selling or buying efforts are up – to – date with what Buyers and Sellers are looking … (3 comments)

kenner: Buying Investment Property in Metairie | Kenner | Rental Property - 07/30/15 04:54 AM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
 Great Louisiana Homes
Greater New Orleans | Baton Rouge 
  Metairie | Kenner
Buying Investment Property
Documents for Lease Property 
When purchasing Leased Investment property in Jefferson Parish certain documents should be ask for during negotiations. 
Working with a Real Estate broker look for an experience agent in Investment Properties. In addition, to documents inspections and verifying rents, it is important to check in Jefferson Parish if the Lease is recorded and the contract terms. If the Lease is recorded then it may be difficult to change terms such as rent increases for the new owner.The inspection of terms should not be included in the inspection period … (1 comments)

kenner: Referral via Active Rain Again! - 07/28/15 08:31 PM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
 Great Louisiana Homes
Greater New Orleans | Baton Rouge 
  Metairie | Kenner
Referral from Active Rain via California 
Another Referral via Active Rain from California
Yesterday I received a call via a Active Rain member from California with a Referral selling in Metairie, La. The home is locate in Pontchartrain Gardens in Metairie.  Pontchartrain Gardens is centrally located and easy commute to New Orleans. If you’re a health Care worker, your in walking distance to East Jefferson General Hospital. 
Active Rain provides a source of Realtor to Realtor business network.
Over the last 8 years Active Rain has link many such referral coming and going … (11 comments)

kenner: Lighting Your Home to Sell | Homes for Sale | Luling | Covington - 07/18/15 07:42 AM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
 Great Louisiana Homes
 Luling | Madisonville| Covington|Metairie
Lighting A Property To Sell
Owners will often leave a house before a showing. This is great! Often the Seller will turn off lights and fans. In addition they will close all curtains. My advise to my Sellers to stop. Instead, have the Seller leave all lights on. Open all curtains as well.
When all the lights are off the buyers may find the house unattractive or unappealing. With the light's on the home will feel bigger, brighter and more spacious. Think about this, a well lit home is more attractive. 
Our Feature Homes
St Charles Parish - 41 E. Levert Dr $269,900 2636 Sq Ft.
St … (6 comments)

kenner: Clean Floors and Carpet Help Sell Your Property | Madisonville - 07/16/15 10:07 AM
Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC
 Great Louisiana Homes
 Madisonville | Covington 
St. Tammany Parish, La.
Clean Floors and Carpet 
One item that often need addressing in order to sell your property fast are the floors. Ensure the floors are in good condition and clean. Dirty and non functioning floors will turn off a home buyer. Dirty floors and carpet could make the whole home seem dirty. 
There less expensive ways instead of replacing floors or carpet. Consider buffing wood floors. As far as carpets, consider steam cleaning and use of stain remover to bring the carpet to its glory days. 
For more information contact a Realtor 
Hire a Mandisonville |Covington | Slidell Real Estate … (3 comments)

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