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Houston is fairly competitive market in the world of real estate related websites, so SEO and SEM in general become factors in a marketing campaign. I wanted to share with you some projects that I am working on to hopefully help you with promoting your own home inspection business. I am sure that...
How do you get heavy equipment into a building, when you cannot get it up the stairs? A deadman's door is the solution. Usually, builders have different methods for dealing with heavy equipment, and in commercial  buildings, this can be handled by a deadman's door. I wanted to post this photo, be...
I love to garden, and I have had dreams of being a cook in my own place. For me the two ideas have long been intertwined, so creating a new site made sense. You may notice that my main blog is spinning off sites to better deal with topics. I took most of the posts that I would have placed under t...
I was writing an email to an inspector who teaches a green building class with a few resources that he may want to share, then I thought it would be appropriate to share them here.   Why would you want to know about g...
A recent comment by me on Facebook prompted an acquantince to ask me to justify  how I determine the average amount of time spent on an inspection. This was published on my blog, but I thought it may be good to share here. I calculated that I spend roughly nine hours per home inspection. I know t...
A report from a local NBC news affiliate raises a few concerns for home inspectors and Realtors. The story in a nutshell is Realtor A is selling a home. Realtor B takes Buyer C to see the home. Buyer C likes the home,...
This past week the Houston Association Realtors announced its initiative to help Houston's HOPE program by listing those homes for sale on the MLS. I know many Realtors have been involved with this program, but it is ...
It is early morning and I have my cup of coffee, so it is a good time to sit back to reflect on the past year, along with my birthday wishes for the next year. I may not have been sharing these meanderings, but fortunately Dale Barker was kind enough to remind me to create a post for the Texas Bi...
  As most home inspectors in Texas should be aware by now, the new SOP and report form go into effect in February 2009. There have been changes made that we need to be aware of, and that we need to include in our reports. I took a preliminary version of those SOPs to create a simple checklist for...
I was performing a home inspection on the West side of Houston when I came across a method of creating air flow in rooms that was a bit unusual. I thought that I would share it with you as a continuation of part 3 of this series, but I am not sure that it really works too well. My simple test did...

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