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My son comes back from a walk through our subdivision with two grapefruits in hand. They were hanging over the fence he protested. They had a lot, and they were not picking them. Lately I have been flooded with citrus from different friends who have more than they know what to do with. I planted...
I thought that it would be nice to do a post honoring the birthday of our first president. Here in Texas the news is all about our upcoming presidential primary, and indeed, I just came from seeing my parents, where discussions about who should be president were the main topic. The other topic o...
While at a business over breakfast meeting this morning, I was sitting next to a woman who was a business consultant. Since I had worked in this field briefly (and I still do from time to time), we had something to talk about. She said one thing that made me think about my marketing though. She ...
Terry was blue. Hair, skin, finger nails, lips were all shades of blue. He painted on blue scars onto his face. He was an imposing figure at 6'3”. His smile was a grimace, which revealed blue stained teeth. He appeared to be a most intimidating character. When I first met him, I asked “tell me, ...
Every year since I have been an inspector, I hear that the state is planning to implement changes to the inspection report, and to the standards of operation for an inspector. Part of the hope is to bring order to the existing documents, so they will follow each other. Some clarifications will b...
My wife has finally decided to organize all of those old photos that she has stored away on that sideboard. She buys albums often, with the promise that the pictures will go into them, so the pile includes several empty books too. Her efforts prompted by daughter to go and investigate this effor...
Setting goals is great. It gives you a guide post to where you want to be, and they make you think about how to get there. One problem with goals is that you do not always want to start on them though. I still have not lost that weight that I promised to do last new year's eve. However, I did se...
I attended a meeting of inspectors yesterday. A lawyer from the Texas Real Estate Commission had come to speak to us on how to avoid customer complaints, but we behaved badly towards her. It has been ruled that an amendment slipped in at the last moment by a representative who works for an insur...
It was raining again. He had no appointments today, so he started to think about the chamber event next week. He was going to be honored for his volunteer service, which mean that he would be meeting many people. He considered it a wise idea that he goes over how that day would flow in his mind....
I did a post today on my Wordpress blog that is meant as a gift to new homeowners. I placed several links to free software and services online. I thought that most of us here would be familiar with them, but I decided to provide a link in case I came across something unfamiliar to you.http://anin...

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