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Disney is bringing back an attraction from the fifties to their theme park, the house of the future. Hewlett Packard and GE among others will be teaming up with the imagineers to project their vision. Live actors will be acting out how lives will be lived. I have an odd connection to the origina...
This week my dog Fritz has a playmate coming over, my father's dog Senta. Fritz is a Golden Retriever who loves playing in the water, while Senta, the Doberman, does not. Fritz tried to show her the joys of splashing and rolling in puddles, but Senta felt it was beneath her diginity. When my dau...
A few years back, I thought that I was going to have my name placed alongside of E.O. Wilson and Stephen Jay Gould. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I thought that I had made a significant study in naturalism in my own backyard. While puttering around in the garden, I had made the discovery of a red s...
This is a story of how blogging could bring you fame and fortune. Well, maybe not exactly, but at least it brought me some recognition. Last Friday I received a call from a woman asking me about one of my blog posts. We talked about it, telling me that she represented the new US website Dothomes...
As I am driving across town to a job, I slide the CD for “Forever Changes” by Love into the player. For those of us who fancied ourselves musicians at one point or another, Love is the band to enjoy and contemplate. “Forever Changes” is referred to as one of the greatest rock albums of all time....
I have a fondness for movie theaters. I used to work in one when I was younger. I particularly like the old Art Deco theaters, which really carry you away. I go to the Bookstop on West Alabama street, since you can still see a few elements of the old theater. I joke about the ghost with Whole Fo...

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