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After the inspection yesterday, I go to pick up my daughter from her aunts. My wife and son are going out to a party, so we decide to play out front. I have just planted, so I want to water them. My daughter decides that this is a great time to have a shower. She takes the hose from me to water ...
Everyone is going to put their two cents worth in about he housing market. It seems that a variety of pundits will now be telling us what is happening in our own backyard, and I am not really certain if they have all of the facts. I try to be careful when giving advice, especially when it come t...
I was listening to NPR this morning, when I caught some of a report about a study done on consumer perception of pricing. I thought that I would share it if you missed it. The jist of the report is that we humans understand round numbers very well, but we are not so good with specific numbers. W...
The internet as the wild west? That is the description that was applied to our domain here on the web. In fact, it has been applied to blogs specifically, but I think that it might be more aptly asserted as a title to some online forums on a host of topics (including real estate). My wife has be...
Well, there are parts of the park which have been cordoned off due to the construction, but this month brings some surprises at the park. First, it is nice to see that such a central part of the life at the city is being taken care of in such a loving way, and much of the park is getting some of...
I know what you are thinking:yet another post about Bear Sterns. Well, yes. I was disheartened by the news that the CEO of that firm decided that as the company was falling and its investors loosing billions of dollars, he would play bridge. I am sure that he has no worries; there has to be a go...
This idea came to me yesterday when I was evaluating my business plans for the coming two years. I was thinking of ways to generate a little extra income. Home inspections remain my primary focus, but I was considering how I could develop more leads or ways to produce greater revenues when I wen...
I am looking to make this a truly successful year for me. With so much negative news about the real estate market still pervading the media, I saw it as a challenge to buck the trend of a slower business cycle. Having been one to go over MIS reports on a weekly basis in my old job to judge my fi...
Informes actuales indican que usted puede considerar la compra de una casa, pero las ultimas noticias son alarmantes por lo cual , por lo que están esperando que el mercado mejore. Es posible que este preocupado pensando si encontrará una hipoteca adecuada, pero el año pasado el Foro de la Vivie...
The house had a Supra box on it, so I obtain the key to go inside. I had already been walking around the property, and I had walked the roof. Several neighbors watched my antics with mild curiosity. As I enter the house, a loud alarm breaks forth. I am the center of attention. I grin broadly and...

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