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You have come home from work, and it has been a hard day. Bickering at the office, clients who are not sure what they want, and a boss who needs those reports yesterday. You have a cup of coffee, and you find your self here on AR reading this post. The spouse is shouting “Are you on AR again?! Ca...
You may be hearing others mention that you have to brand yourself, or the importance of branding. It is often the first step in marketing, and we may all agree with it, but do we carry it across all of our advertising? Is it always present we show our image to the world? After a business meeting ...
I have been working on several projects this week to help improve my web presence. Two of them I thought that I would share here, because they are a little bit unique. I mean, why does someone need to hear that I joined digg? If you have been around the internet for a bit, you probably know about...
Freedman's Town is the oldest African settlement in Houston. It was settled by freed slaves before the civil war. It is on the National Historic Places list. Should it not be the pride of the African American community here? Should it not be the pride of all Houstonians? I have driven through the...
Is your house falling down? Did the builder cut a few corners because he did not have to worry about a building department? As of September 1,2008, this should not be the case in Texas. The Texas state legislature has assigned the task to the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC) of en...

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