houston home inspections: Creating comfort - 06/30/08 04:30 AM
You have come home from work, and it has been a hard day. Bickering at the office, clients who are not sure what they want, and a boss who needs those reports yesterday. You have a cup of coffee, and you find your self here on AR reading this post. The spouse is shouting “Are you on AR again?! Can't you do the lawn now?”. You know that you need this time to unwind, so you look for a quite place. The kids are jumping around the office, supposedly studying, so you retreat into your bedroom. You close the door. Position … (8 comments)

houston home inspections: Would you install your own power plant in your home? - 05/16/08 08:45 AM
The new issue of Fine Home Building came in today's mail. Since my inspection for this afternoon was cancelled, I start to read it over. One of the first articles was describing a CHP system for a home. My first thought was that have to be kidding, but no, there is a new bread of micro-cogenerators on the market now.
I grew up in machine shops and plastic factories. I think my grandfather and father may now be brought up for child endangerment in our current climate, but as a four year old, I was playing with a drill press, and … (5 comments)

houston home inspections: Book Review: naked conversations by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel - 04/30/08 05:18 AM
Last week I came across a post here that was questioning why people were no longer active on AR. I wrote such a post myself, when I reached a certain goal to my surprise, and I am sure that others have too. One of the commenters expressed trepidation over blogging, so I sent her an e-mail for encouragement, which she appreciated.
My mind played with this question, which led me on two courses this past week. I went to check out some people who had built up points in my area, but who were not participating in our forum here. Everyone … (9 comments)

houston home inspections: A Website for Houston Foodaholics: B-4-U-Eat - 04/28/08 03:08 PM
Sometimes you make a connection with somebody, and you may not quite be sure why. Other times you know very well why the connection was made. A helping hand for a person who is new to your community may be all that it takes.
Last year, I was contacted by a Realtor who had just moved to Houston. She was looking for an inspector, and she stumbled upon me. To be honest, I probably was given the job because my price was right, and nothing else. Like many inspectors, I have a little packet, which I give to my clients at … (9 comments)

houston home inspections: This Book's For You - 04/28/08 04:28 AM
I poured myself a cup of coffee, before heading out the door with my book in tow. My wife wanted me to wait, since she knew that my daughter would be grabbing her favorite book to join me. We have a slight chill in the air here in Houston, which is a nice change from the humidity of last week. I take my time, but my daughter decides to go to her room, so I head over to a spot in the garden to read.
I have various reading nooks in my garden, and I am actually building a little tea … (10 comments)

houston home inspections: In Honor of Bette Davis, or Hire This Home Inspector - 04/05/08 03:43 AM
Since I am a big fan of films, my ears perk up when listening to stories about my favorite actors. Bette Davis has been on people's minds of late, since this is the anniversary of her birth. Here was a constant worker, who could not sit still. She promoted herself endlessly. One story about her was what she did after finishing the film “What ever happened to Baby Jane?” , and I think it is apt for real estate professionals.
Ms. Davis had a few months before beginning work on her next film, so she advertised her services in a trade … (2 comments)

houston home inspections: Oh the people that we have to face - 03/28/08 07:22 AM
Everyone is going to put their two cents worth in about he housing market. It seems that a variety of pundits will now be telling us what is happening in our own backyard, and I am not really certain if they have all of the facts.
I try to be careful when giving advice, especially when it come to facts about home values and the time it will take to sell. I try to keep up with the reports from my local Realtor Association, but my job is to inspect homes, so I am keenly aware that I can easily cross … (13 comments)

houston home inspections: The Unknowing Expert, or maybe changing an aspect of Active Rain - 03/25/08 10:26 AM
The internet as the wild west? That is the description that was applied to our domain here on the web. In fact, it has been applied to blogs specifically, but I think that it might be more aptly asserted as a title to some online forums on a host of topics (including real estate).
My wife has been switched over to work in the intensive care unit in her hospital. This evening, she sits on the couch across from my desk, reading about some complications which may occur to her patients, asking me about some of the English words that … (20 comments)

houston home inspections: Ten Things that I Want to Market About You - 02/20/08 06:02 AM
While at a business over breakfast meeting this morning, I was sitting next to a woman who was a business consultant. Since I had worked in this field briefly (and I still do from time to time), we had something to talk about. She said one thing that made me think about my marketing though. She said that everyone should have at least ten different marketing campaigns going on at any given time. The number seemed high to me, but later, I attempted to see if I had ten campaigns going, and how I was doing with them. Here is my … (16 comments)

houston home inspections: A Book By Any Other Cover - 02/18/08 11:54 PM
Terry was blue. Hair, skin, finger nails, lips were all shades of blue. He painted on blue scars onto his face. He was an imposing figure at 6'3”. His smile was a grimace, which revealed blue stained teeth. He appeared to be a most intimidating character. When I first met him, I asked “tell me, truthfully, is red your favorite color?” I received his grimace in reply. He was a sales associate in a store, and I would watch as customers were afraid to approach him. Yet, two elderly ladies dared move closer to him to make an inquiry, and they … (16 comments)

houston home inspections: A Visual Inspection - 02/18/08 09:01 PM
Every year since I have been an inspector, I hear that the state is planning to implement changes to the inspection report, and to the standards of operation for an inspector. Part of the hope is to bring order to the existing documents, so they will follow each other. Some clarifications will be made as too what is happening in the report, but one big change is the opening paragraph of the report.
I received my copy of the proposed changes, so I could add my comments. I am already scribbling away various notes on these pages to make my … (0 comments)

houston home inspections: THE Tool - 02/17/08 10:11 PM
My wife has finally decided to organize all of those old photos that she has stored away on that sideboard. She buys albums often, with the promise that the pictures will go into them, so the pile includes several empty books too. Her efforts prompted by daughter to go and investigate this effort. She found one image that gave her pause. A picture of me at a former job (when I was working through college) was her favorite (for that moment). She brought it to me to show her find. It was a candid shot of me talking to another employee … (6 comments)

houston home inspections: The Disadvantages of Arguing with a One Year Old - 01/23/08 01:55 AM
Yesterday, as I was heading into my office for a phone call, my daughter came to me in no uncertain terms that I was to remain in the living room. I was to read her a book. At least that is what I think she said. I tried to explain that I would be right back, but I received a wagging finger, a stern face, and a further admonishment. As she headed off to her room, she noticed that I was making my get away, so she shouted one last thing, while I was promising to come back. I heard my … (7 comments)

houston home inspections: Rain, Rain, Go Away - 01/20/08 12:15 AM
Well, we have been having some good deluges in our area the past few days. I have noticed that several bayous are quite full. The forecast is that we will have some more rain coming this week. I do not mind the rain so much, considering that our state just came out of a long drought last year. However, rain does bring a concern to homeowners: water drainage from your land.
Most people forget that real estate inspectors look at the grading of their property. Since we are called home inspectors in common parlance, the consumer thinks that we just investigate … (1 comments)

houston home inspections: Some Facts about Inspection Services in Houston for 2008 - 01/17/08 02:11 AM
Current reports show that you might be considering buying a home, but national news reports cause you to be concerned, so you are waiting for the market to be better. You may have worries about finding a suitable mortgage, but at the Houston Housing Forum last year, leading lenders in Houston made it clear that such loans are readily available for qualified buyers. It has also been shown that you are using the internet more in your quest for a home. In part, this reliance on the internet has been to find the best value. In fact, finding the best deal … (0 comments)


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