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Yesterday, as I was heading into my office for a phone call, my daughter came to me in no uncertain terms that I was to remain in the living room. I was to read her a book. At least that is what I think she said. I tried to explain that I would be right back, but I received a wagging finger, a s...
First, I would like to give credit where it is due. Barry Owen posted a piece on the book The Fred Factor the other day, which caused me to remember another work, The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelley. This work is from a head at IDEO, the firm that comes up with such innovative products; however,...
This morning I found my neighbor in a dilemma. How do you stuff another bag of garbage in an already full can? I told her to throw it into mine. She notices that my can is only a quarter full. Where you out of town, comes the inquiry. No, this is normal for most weeks. I see that other residents...
Do you love to have guest over for dinner? Or do you love big family get togethers? I know it is not a function that everyone likes to have in their home, but most of us end up with at least one such event occurring in our home. Personally, I enjoy such feasts, and I love to cook. Having my chil...
Well, we have been having some good deluges in our area the past few days. I have noticed that several bayous are quite full. The forecast is that we will have some more rain coming this week. I do not mind the rain so much, considering that our state just came out of a long drought last year. H...
I was reading a series of articles this past week, which argued for the development of urban farms as a means to provide fresh vegetables and fruits to the inner city areas at lower costs. I am intrigued by the idea because it is close to my heart. I volunteer at the Food Bank once a week, and w...
To set you up for this story, I should give you a little background. Some months ago a neighbor appears at my door late one evening with a person in tow. Turns out this was a neighbor in need of help. She had been having several contractors over at her house trying to resolve an annoying problem...
Current reports show that you might be considering buying a home, but national news reports cause you to be concerned, so you are waiting for the market to be better. You may have worries about finding a suitable mortgage, but at the Houston Housing Forum last year, leading lenders in Houston ma...
This is a post just to have something out there. Yesterday was the anniversary of two events in my life: my mother has been cancer free for six years, and my grandmother died one year ago. I was the main care taker for my grandmother. It was not easy since she was suffering from dementia. My fami...
I have been away on vacation, and it takes a while to get back into the groove of daily life. As I was coming back from dropping my son off at the bus stop for school this morning, I looked around to see if it was recycling today. There were neighbors with their bins out, so I fetched mine for t...


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