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Social networking for business is interesting to one who may not always care for all aspects of social interaction. Twitter is being seen as a great customer service tool by many large firms, but I have not followed the site, mainly because I am not going out asking for connections. While the sam...
The new issue of Fine Home Building came in today's mail. Since my inspection for this afternoon was cancelled, I start to read it over. One of the first articles was describing a CHP system for a home. My first thought was that have to be kidding, but no, there is a new bread of micro-cogenerato...
Recently, I gave some thought to where I am at, and to what my actions are accomplishing. Have you ever had such moments of reflection? I was reading through several blogs, seeing how passionate the writers are about their topics, and I was feeling my passion falling, so I have not posted much. A...
The radio is reporting that there will be more freeway closures this weekend, as the web increases in size and scope. All that I see is the different shades of concrete. In parking lots, on the four to five lane highways, to the two to three lane frontage roads, the walls to block off subdivision...
There were shouts of “wow” and “look, papa, look” chiming out again and again. My daughter had discovered a final home: the sarcophagus of Pedi-Osiris. She came back to it several times, and to the curator's chagrin, she wanted to press against the glass of the case to take a closer look. My son ...
I had a rude awakening this week. My main site was slowly moving up to be on the first page for several keywords that I have been targeting, and Google pulled the rug out from under my feet. I thought that I was meeting all of the requirements to achieve that first position, but apparently not. I...
My neighbor asks if I am out for a morning walk with my daughter. One look at her face and the tension in my arm as I am being dragged along shows her determination. This is not a morning walk; this is a mission. My one year old has discovered that I have allowed wild raspberries to take root in ...
Last week I came across a post here that was questioning why people were no longer active on AR. I wrote such a post myself, when I reached a certain goal to my surprise, and I am sure that others have too. One of the commenters expressed trepidation over blogging, so I sent her an e-mail for enc...
I have needs; you have needs. There are basic needs which we must meet in our lives. We all know the three that are frequently mentioned: shelter, food, and clothing. I found it interesting to note that food shows up in the blogging world at a much higher degree than the other two. Here in the Ra...
Sometimes you make a connection with somebody, and you may not quite be sure why. Other times you know very well why the connection was made. A helping hand for a person who is new to your community may be all that it takes. Last year, I was contacted by a Realtor who had just moved to Houston. S...


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