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Well I can tell you that we have enjoyed some "sweet" weather the past few days!Not only has this given a boost to the general moral in North Kansas City, but the buyers are starting to bud!Interest rates are at an all time low for about the last "2" years and there's a lot to select from!If you ...
Now mind you we've been told  this has only happened in condo/loft section of town.... but it's something to think about.There evidently are three boxes on appraisals here in this part of the country that have just been sitting there and not being used.     Declining Market   Over Supply   Over 6...
I was totally shocked when I saw this on msnbc.com and they give you the option of embedding it in your blog or website, so I'm sharing it with you!There was this guy and he and his wife moved into a new place and they had a smelly neighbor.  I guess they tried several different ways to remedy th...
Here you can get first hand information about the recent Bloggers Connect / Inman Conference in New York if you weren't able to attend.  These gentlemen lay it out on the line about what we're missing by not attending.  Hear what Joel from Inman says when I ask him if Inman has thought of having...
Greetings!Tomorrow at 12:30 PM Central Time I'm going to be having a BlogTalkRadio Show for those of us who weren't able to go to the recent Bloggers Connect in New York this month.We will have Joel Burslem owner of Future of Real Estate Marketing blog and Social Media Manager at Inman News .Jeff...
Sometimes we give up before we should.... and don't accomplish what we could!  My Broker is a wonderful woman who had the following video clip shown at our sales meeting this week.  She's always encouraging us to do the best we can and this video really sent it home! In this time when things are ...
The Kansas City Business Journal reported that the Kansas City area house prices should fare better than other cities'.In other words the home prices in Kansas City will avoid the price declines expected in the next two years in other markets.PMI Mortgage Insurance Co released their Winter 2008 U...
I wanted to share with you an email message that I received from savetheinternet.com.I have one of their banners on my blog and if you would like one for your blog you merely have to visit their site.It's important for all of us to be aware of this:Dear Fran, Comcast Violates Net Neutrality. We C...
I was poking around over on Chris Lengquist's Kansas City Real Estate Investing blog reading his blog on 2007 and it got me to thinking!  (Imagine that!)We can be the mouthpiece for the real estate industry.  You hear on the news that "oh the housing market is bad" and immediately prospective buy...
Today at our sales meeting we had a presentation my A.J. Gwyn with the Southern Crime Prevention Task Force about personal safety.The unique thing about this Task Force is they go around the country "free of charge" to companies giving their "personal safety" course and offering personal safety p...

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