fran white: Memorial Day Celebration at Union Station - 05/25/09 03:45 AM
As with each Memorial Day we should honor those who have protected our country and paid the extreme price of doing so  with their life.
Last evening we attended a wonderful Memorial Day Celebration at Union Station and the fireworks were shot by the only WWI Memorial in our nation... Liberty Memorial.
It was a great event, widely attended and music was performed by the Kansas City Symphony.


fran white: Happy Easter - 04/11/09 11:31 AM
As we gather tomorrow with our family and friends..... I want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!
In 2006 Zona Rosa in the Northland introduced an all time Kansas City favorite, the Easter Parade! It caused such enthusiam that it's become an annual tradition at the shopping area.
The community is invited to participated in this tradition which features the Easter Bunny, a petting zoo, free giveaways and a best dressed contest.
Our furry friend Buddy won't be in the best dressed contest but he certainly is festive!
Happy Easter

fran white: Kansas City Home Show - 03/30/09 12:46 AM

The Kansas City Home show was this past weekend and we went on the first evening it opened.
There were a lot of vendors there with different things:  windows, siding, housewares, guttering, roofing, more windows and more siding, fountains and all sorts of different things.
We chatted with the gentleman that was there from an invisible fence company because we are considering doing that for our little furry friend we adopted the end of January.
It was an interesting evening... unfortunately due to the weather here in Kansas City, they were reporting on the television that it drastically effected the … (0 comments)

fran white: First Time Home Buyer $8,000.00 Tax Credit Tax Forms - 03/16/09 02:25 PM
I have heard that here in Kansas City there have been a couple of instances where accountants have been telling their first time home buyers that they cannot apply for the $8000.00 tax credit until 2009.
 I have a copy of the blank 1040.  Go to page 2, under line #69 where it says attach form 5405.  I also have also a copy of form 5405 that you will need.  You can look at  "C" at the top.  You can claim it now if purchased in 2009.  If they purchase in July, 2009, they can file an amended return and … (6 comments)

fran white: Kansas City St. Patrick's Day Parade - 03/16/09 12:52 PM
Aye me little wee lads and lassys.... it's St. Patrick's Day again in Kansas City, Missouri.
Kansas City has a very active Irish following, along with an Irish Fest that happens over Labor Day, we have a great St. Patrick's Day parade downtown!
This year the parade will run Broadway - 33rd Street (Linwood) to 43rd Street from 11 AM to 1 PM.
This is the 36th edition of this Kansas City tradition and the weather appears to be very cooperative!
Follow this link  for more information....
Until next time.....


fran white: Super Secret Spice Store...! - 03/12/09 11:45 AM
Every once in a while we venture out of our neighborhood in the Northland and go to this fabulous spice store that carries nothing but SPICES! 
I know I've mentioned before that my wonderful husband was a Chef in another life before he became a Pharmaceutical Robot Engineer........ and that the kitchen is HIS domain !
We have this special place that we go to in old Overland Park, Kansas, just a hop, skip and a jump from our neck of the woods.
Upon walking in your mouth begins to water at the mere possibilities of what you could dress up with … (1 comments)

fran white: Gladstone Missouri Smoking Ordinance - 02/24/09 09:52 AM
This week the Gladstone City Council hammered out the details of its ban on smoking in most enclosed places.... places of employment and public places within city limits. This includes Gladstone's thirteen parks.The ban does have some exceptions for instance: bowling alleys, pool halls, bars and restaurants that seat less than 75 people as long as they post a sign that says "non-smoking areas are NOT available."A decision to my knowledge hasn't been reached as yet... but watch for a decision to be made shortly.

fran white: Cocoa Mulch....... A Poison Problem For Pets - 02/19/09 12:41 AM
I am a pet lover and the new ownere of a Kerry Blue Terrier.... I use mulch in my yard and so do some of my clients in the Kansas City North area.  I felt this important information to share to keep your pets safe.  
With the Spring season upon us, please be sure and check the contents of the mulch you are putting in your landscaping.
Checked on Snopes and it is true.   (
 Over the weekend the doting owner of two young lab mixes purchased Cocoa Mulch from local discount store to use in their garden. They loved the way it smelled and … (6 comments)

fran white: $7500.00 Tax Credit For First Time Home Buyers Clarification for Missouri Residents - 02/01/09 03:16 AM
This just in from a Mortgage lady I refer to:
The $7500 tax credit for first time buyers is a great thing to help stimulate interest.  There have been a lot of questions and little clarification.  The Tax groups are finally getting some information.  Here is a recent clarification:  
 Unmarried couples get a break on claiming the new credit for home buyers.  They can allocate the credit any way they want.  Example:  If one of the two unmarried purchasers has more than $95,000 of AGI, the credit can be allocated in full to the other buyer.  Similarly, if one of the … (3 comments)

fran white: 321 Candy Cane Lane: This Home Will Make You Sick! - 12/22/08 01:14 AM
As with every year in our home a day is set aside to make Gingerbread Houses... this year was no different.

We assembled all the little candies in bowls in preparation for decorating our little gingerbread houses.
This year my daughter was definitely the prize winner! 
My home definitely had some issues:
Hole in Roof
Crack in the back of the house
Foundation Settling
And it made me sick!  By the time we were finished decorating I had such a belly ache from eating the trimmings ... it was terrible! But.... we had a wonderful time and a lot … (7 comments)

fran white: Your Own Coffee Blend for Your Clients - 10/21/08 03:31 AM
I've written on here many times about how I LOVE COFFEE, and I've even written about The Roasterie that is located here in Kansas City.
Within the last few days they have launched their site where they take you through a series of questions about your preferences on coffee... then from your answers they develop your own special blend.
You have the option of personalizing the label that goes on the front with your area of real estate and a picture if you would like!I thought you might like to visit their page and possibly use this as a marketing idea for … (5 comments)

fran white: Let's Go Pick A Pumpkin! - 10/15/08 08:28 AM
It's that time again here in Kansas City when we pack up the kids for a day of events at one of the area Pumpkin Patches! 
Weston Red Barn FarmThis farm was puchased in 1989 by Steve and Cindi Frey. They have a pumpking patch, orchards, sheep to pet and pony rides in beautiful and historic Weston.
Johnson FarmsWith over 30 acres you can pick your own pumpkin or buy them already picked! The wagon rides and animal corral are great fun for the kids. They have gourdes, squash and flowers too.
KC Pumpkin PatchHere you will find 10's or 1,000's … (0 comments)

fran white: Kansas City Zoo Announces October and November are F R E E ! - 10/05/08 08:52 AM
Yes, you read right..... The Kansas City Zoo is offering free admission to Kansas City, Missouri residents for the months of October and November.
Of course you have to prove that you live in Kansas City, Missouri and rightfully so.
You will need proof of residence and a state-issued ID which is required at the admissions gate.
You can also verify that you are a resident with a bill or credit card statement, even a bank statement, with your name and Kansas City, Missouri address.
It is free during normal zoo hours.

fran white: Part II Of A Kansas City Icon = The Music Exchange - 09/25/08 09:46 AM
 I wrote previously about the Music Exchange about it being a Kansas City Icon and that it was now closed due to the untimely death of the owner.
I mentioned that I'd gone with my daughter to the sale........ well it was on a PART of the sale....
Below is the notification of the next segment of the sale of memorabilia from The Music Exchange.
Historical Memorabilia AuctionFeaturing Items from "The Music Exchange"
Auction Date:Saturday, September 27th at 10AM
Public Exhibition:Saturday, September 27th at 8AM
Auction Location:Sunflower Auction Gallery(Inside The Kansas City Gift Mart)6800 West 115th StreetOverland Park, KS … (0 comments)

fran white: Kansas City Power and Light Intends To Raise Rates... It's Electrifying - 09/07/08 01:45 AM
Luckily here in Kansas City we didn't have a really hot summer like we've had in the past... but prepare yourself for next year!
Kansas City Power and Light (KCPL) is seeking to raise electrical usage by 17%.  Yes you read right!
We've just experienced an increase from Missouri Gas Energy (MGE) and now KCPL is going to raise their rates!
The rate increase is suppose to take place next summer and they have filed in Missouri and Kansas to raise rates for 800,000 customers.

fran white: Gladstone Raises Personal Property Tax Levy To Maximum - 09/03/08 08:03 AM
 In 2005 Gladstone voters approved a 39-cent property tax increase.  That tax increase will begin showing up in your personal property tax bill this year.
The City Council has voted to set the city's 2008 tax levy at 93 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. So in other words if you buy a new car that cost $25,000 you are going to pay about 32.00 more in personal property taxes beginning this year.
This voter approved raise in taxes gave Gladstone leaders the authority to set the tax levy no higher than 93 cents per $100 of assessed valuation.  Up until this … (2 comments)

fran white: Looking For Something To Do In Kansas City Over Labor Day Weekend? The Irish Fest! - 08/26/08 01:15 AM
Ay, Top of the mornin' to ya! Are you looking for something to do in Kansas City over the Labor Day weekend?
Well my little leprechauns you can't afford to miss the Kansas City Irish Fest!
Since my wonderful husband has Irish in him this is an event that we never miss!
This year it's back at Crown Center and it's expanded to have THREE stages and includes even more Irish fun!
All of the Irish Eyes will be smiling with all the entertainment that's packed into this weekend, including my very fav....... The Elders!
There's fun for the entire … (7 comments)

fran white: New Missouri Prescription Drug Card Program for Missouri Residents - 07/30/08 01:53 PM
While visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Branson I saw a story about the new Missouri Drug Card Program on television.
The website states that as a resident of Missouri you have access to a FREE prescription drug card program.
If you go to you can download your Prescription Card after putting in some simple information and supposedly have a savings of 75% at over 50,000 national and regional pharmacies.
The card is pre-activated and can be used immediately.
* I haven't personally tried this but thought it would be good information for anyone that needs assistance with prescription drug … (9 comments)

fran white: Missouri Sales Tax Free Holiday Is Coming Up: August 1,2,3, 2008 - 07/24/08 02:47 AM
We're in the heat of the summer and I can remember as a kid HATING to go shopping for fall/winter clothes right before school starts!
CHA-CHING!  Now as an adult with the Missouri Sales Tax Free Holiday coming up August 1,2,3,2008 I can see how parents can save $$$$ shopping during those days!
Some will read this and say, "What are you talking about Fran?" 
Missouri has this great holiday which begins at 12:01 AM on the first Friday in August and it ends at midnight three days later.
It means that you get tax free purchases on certain back-to-school needs … (4 comments)

fran white: New Kansas City North High School Goes Green - Staley High School To Open For 08-09 School Year - 07/20/08 02:36 AM
Yes... GREEN is one of Staley High Schools colors along with black and silver. 
But that's not what I was talking about when I said Staley High School was going GREEN... I meant Staley High School is the only school in the four-state region to adopt the green concept, and was one of the first in the country to register the school as a LEED-registered project.
The high school is the fourth high school in the North Kansas City School District located in the northern portion of the district.
All the classrooms have an occupancy sensor system.  Which means the lights … (2 comments)

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