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I interviewed one of our local Extraordinary Agents, Dan Rochon, of Keller Williams - Alexandria, about how he's transformed his business with short sale/REO and I thought I'd share it. Interview with Alexandria's OWN Dan Rochon I interviewed Dan Rochon of Keller Wiliams Kingstowne about how he g...
Last week I did an interview with a Bank Asset Manager Consultant that we're flying to Alexandria to talk with some of our Extraordinary Agents...take a listen to some of the snippets. If you're interested, I can get you the full transcript as well. Snippet from Mr. X: "What is the "Shadow Invent...
I've seen a few blogs bemoaning the impact of the snow on showing buyers around and on open houses and I had a thought to share: "What about using Snowmaggedon 2010 as a tool to get listings?" A couple of ideas that jumped up were pushing a "Are you ready to move to the "Sun Belt"?" message out t...
Frazier at the Wheel Talking About Geographic Farming in the 21st Century Some "easy" instructions for how to plant and nurture a geographic farm, using 21st century techniques, including: * how Facebook can help you farm * Why Blogging will position you as the Area Expert * How and What to Share...

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