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FIRST-TIME HOME BUYERS BENEFIT FROM THDA AND EXPERIENCED REALTORS® such as myself.  If looking to purchase your first home, you should look at the THDA FIRST-TIME HOME BUYER PROGRAMS, and find a REALTOR® who knows the THDA loan programs. THDA [Tennessee Housing Development Agency] does not endors...
NEW RULES FOR DEBT RELIEF COMPANIES LONG OVER DUE, but should help consumers (at least until the rules get watered down).  The FTC has issued final rulings for Debt Relief Telemarketers, and there are several benefits to consumers.  The rules go into effect September 27, 2010, except the prohibit...
Discovering the Greatest Thing in the World is essential to our true success. Tonight, as I perused the day's posts, I came across a fellow REALTOR® who recently lost his wife, and another REALTOR® who recently lost her mother: my thought went immediately to the age-old question of "What is reall...
THINGS THAT IRRITATE THE CLIENT is a complimentary list to "Things Clients Love" Clients tend to tolerate our short-comings--within reason.  However, we do ourselves harm when we do not reflect on the things that irritate us.  The same things irritate the client.  This list began for me with the ...
THE CLIENT LOVES THESE... Nothing new, but ever true, every client loves the things we do when we: ( 1) Call them by NAME (especially when we do so with respect). ( 2) Possess a POSITIVE ATTITUDE in all we say and do. ( 3) Give them an HONEST RESPONSE to their queries (no dancing-no prancing). ( ...
HAPPY  BIRTHDAY!!! One of the greatest gifts God gives in this lifetime is Friendship!!!  THe best Friendships evolve from mutual respect and concern.  Often our best friends come from unexpected places and circumstances.  I am a better REALTOR®, a better man, a better person because this date in...
DEAR HOME BUYER: MAY I HAVE A MOMENT OF YOUR TIME?  As you begin the process of searching for your dream home, you will be interacting with many real estate agents.  You will be favorably impressed by some, and scratching your head about others.  There are scores of lists and hundreds of articles...
I was thinking about REALTOR® TOOLS THAT NEVER LOSE THEIR WORTH especially in these times of "high technology."  REALTORS® were selling property when all their calculations were accomplished with a No. 2 pencil.  They were selling homes long before the MLS books came into being, and continuing ed...
Nashville, Tennessee: A City of the Heart  Today, I asked a young man why he moved to Nashville, and what he liked most about my home town.  He moved here a few years ago, having an interest in Country Music; so I expected him to tell me how much he loved Country Music, getting to meet the entert...
"The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock--the Foolish Man Built His House Upon the Sand".  In todays real estate market, a wise man will do well to weigh these words--a foolish man will think he knows what he's doing, and will prove the truth of this counsel. We recognize these words from the ...

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