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REMBERING THE LITTLE THINGS is what separates a Great Dad from a Good Dad, and a Great REALTOR® from a Good REALTOR®.  Just as many men are content to believe "I am a good dad", too many of us are content to accept that "I'm a good REALTOR®."  Is that how you want a prospective client to view yo...
LOCATION IS EVERYTHING...WELL, ALMOST.  When marketing a home, RELTORS® recognize the impact of location upon market value.  Real Estate Appraisers are very cognizant of LOCATION when determining the most relevant of comparable sales.  Prospective Home Buyers place premium importance on property...
Yesterday, I spent a few minutes with a young man wearing a prosthetic leg.  He was making deliveries to a cafe.  I had seen him on a couple of occassions previously, but had opportunity to chat, and I had learned his injury was sustained in battle. He was an Army Ranger.  He is a fellow citizen...
LOOK FOR THE EAGLE!!!  Do you look for the Eagle when you search for a mortgage lender?  You ask, "Why should I?" Every mortgage lender approved by the U.S. Department Of Housing and Urban Development is required to display this EAGLE in a publicly visible spot.  Along with it, you will generall...
"KNICK-KNACK PADDYWHACK-GIVE THE DOG A BONE-THIS OLD MAN CAME ROLLING HOME"  #4 Now, how does verse FOUR go?  And, What has it got to do with Real Estate?  As I reflect on this little song we teach our children, I think of the things I (an adult) have learned about real estate and sales. "This ol...
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!     A NEW YEAR--A NEW RESOLVE?  It is a time when many celebrate, and many make  lists of New Year's Resolutions.  Most of the resolutions will soon be forgotten, and only a few will survive the weekend. Do you make New Year's Resolutions?  How is your record for keeping them? ...

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