freedom: A WALL OF HONOR—A STAUNCH ROCK OF LIBERTY - 11/10/13 12:27 PM

 Just South of I-40, on Tennessee Hwy 109 there is a sacred up-crop of rock.  There are several such up-crops in the area; but this one is special: it is a shrine.  It is a memorial to fallen heroes.  I did not recognize any of the names, but I am drawn to that rock, and there I pray.
My prayer is one of sorrow—I have sorrow for loved ones left with an emptiness: such loss.
My prayer is one of gratitude—my liberty has been given new breath as they … (3 comments)

freedom: SIX BOYS ON IWO JIMA - 03/19/12 08:06 AM
The Greatest Generation is leaving AMERICA in our hands.  How will our Generation respond?
What makes AMERICA great is our fidelity to Honor, Valor, and Liberty.
"NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY." Perhaps an old man can refresh our memory and rejoin our resolve to defend our Nation from powers, foreign and domestic, that would infringe upon that Freedom we hold so dear.
  That enemy can be me--it can be you--it is real and it will rob our children of their heritage.  Please find … (7 comments)

freedom: "STRENGTH IN THE PURSUIT OF PEACE" - 11/11/10 11:37 AM
How Was Your Veterans Day?  Was it just a day that you found the Bank was closed, or some Government Office Building?  Was it much of an inconvenience?  Did you grumble?  Did you wonder why all the fuss?
Let me tell you a little of my Veteran's day:
First thing this morning, I called a friend (Retired Army), and thanked him for his service to his Country.  Almost immediately thereafter, my phone rang--it was a former co-worker calling to tell me "Thank you for your service to your Country."  She too, is a veteran: I thanked her for her service, and … (2 comments)