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The late Mehrdad Pepper Ghazvini was the founder of Premier Construction and Development in Tallahassee, Florida.  Pepper was a giver.  His Trusts and Legacy keep on giving.  From the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner, to The Ghazvini Learning Center, to the Tallahassee Community College’s Ghazvini Cent...
YouTube Video - How do you Edit the Information, including the Title, Description, Tags, and License?  How do you Control Comments, Ratings, Embed, and Syndication?  Is your Video Public, or Private?  Watch this 5 Minute Video!   How to Edit Info on your YouTube Video          Your Settings and C...
Deutsche Bank had foreclosed upon the house of 103 year old Vita Lee of Atlanta.  "Fulton County Sheriff's Deputies and Movers showed up at Lee's home Tuesday after Deutch Bank planned to kick the two women out.       The Moving Company and the Deputies took one look at Lee and decided that would...
Are you Violating Copyright DMCA Law when you use the Embed Code to post a YouTube Video onto your Website or Blog?  When you uploaded Your Video to YouTube, did you give up the Ownership? Can I disable the Embed Code on my Video?   What is a Standard YouTube License, and what is a Creative Commo...
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YouTube is for Networking!  It is not just a place to watch Movies, or post Videos of your Business, Product, or Service.  Subscribe, get Subscribed to, and Accept Friend Requests.  This Clip covers Inbox Basics, and Accepting Friend Requests.             Click the Inbox Button, located at the To...
Can you Merge 2 Google Accounts into 1?  What about YouTube?  What exactly is a "Google Account"?  Do you see it the way Google sees it?  How can you get Help from Google?  Can you log into Multiple Google Accounts simultaneously?   "Can I Merge Two YouTube Channels into One?"  The answer is "NO"...
"A YouTube Subscription means subscribing to a User's Videos and their public activity (their favorites, their ratings, etc). By subscribing to a user, you'll receive updates and stay informed when something new occurs," according to YouTube.      In this Video, Fred shows How to Manage your YouT...
Google+ is now open for Business!  The Video below walks you through the simple steps needed to create a Google+ Business Page. You can customize your Page, add photos, videos and more.  Then, Share it with the World!   But Wait, There's More!      Before you say, "No thanks, I am on enough Socia...
Maintain a Positive Attitude, only associate with people who give off Good Vibrations, talk a good talk, and Be Optimistic.  That's what successful people do, right?  So why the never ending assault on Zillow and Lawrence Yun from Realtors and Bloggers? Lawrence Yun   His career predictions can l...

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