activerain contests: Thankful for Beautiful Fall Weather in Tallahassee! - 11/16/18 07:56 PM
     During this month of Thanksgiving, we are grateful for some excellent weather in Tallahassee.  After a rather long summer and a warm and rainy fall, it is refreshing to have daily high temperatures hovering around 70 degrees, with cool nights in the 40's.  The humidity this weekend is very low, the skies are bright blue, and a gentle breeze is blowing.
     Tomorrow, we will open all the windows in our house, both upstairs and downstairs, and let the fresh air come inside.  Likewise, we will put the cars in the sunshine, and leave the doors open, to give them a … (6 comments)

activerain contests: Thankful for Not Having to Write Paper Checks! - 11/15/18 12:58 PM
    It's been a long time since I wrote a paper check... so long, that I almost take it for granted how easy it is to pay bills using a debit card, or sending money by wiring funds.  While cleaning some files this morning, I came across some canceled paper checks, and thought "Wow!  When was the last time I filled out one of these things?"
     During this Thanksgiving month, "No More Checks" is something to be grateful for!  
     In addition to the time saved not writing checks, debit card payments clear quickly, and they don't get lost in the mail.  Sometimes a debit card … (9 comments)

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