humor: ‘Service’ - 02/02/14 12:11 PM
     I wanted to share some of my favorite ActiveRain Blogs from the past week, from some of my favorite ActiveRain Bloggers!
     Some of these Blog Posts are informative, some will help you grow and succeed in your business.  Some of the posts are good reading.  Some of the Blogs are just plain fun! 

I became confused when I heard the word ‘Service’ used with these agencies:
Internal Revenue 'Service'
U.S. Postal 'Service'
Telephone 'Service'
Cable TV 'Service'
Civil 'Service'
State, City, County & Public 'Service'

humor: Confused - Does Setting the Clock Back make the Days 25 Hours Long? - 11/03/12 10:30 AM
Daylight Saving Time!  What a mess.  Is it Spring Back Fall Forward, or is it Spring Forward and Fall Backward?  Why can't we just leave well enough alone?

     Some Random Thoughts on Daylight Saving Time:

     The End of Daylight Saving Time is a polarizing issue - people either love it or hate it. 

Complaints about DST and the End of DST include: 

     "The children will have to catch the School Bus in the dark." 
     "I won't get home from work until after dark." 
     "DST wastes electricity."  … (6 comments)

humor: When Is a Sale Not a Sale? If You "Save Minus 30 Cents", Is It on Sale? - 11/04/11 04:25 AM
Is this a Sale, or is this Not a Sale?   While shopping in an upscale Grocery Store yesterday, I noticed a Sale Sign under an item on the shelf.  The sign says that I can Save Minus 30 Cents!
      I did a double-take when I noticed that the Sale Price was Higher than the Regular Price!  It actually reads, "Save minus 30 Cents".  
      Is this a Mistake?  Is it Chicanery?  Is it Subterfuge?   Should I have pointed this out to the Store Manager?
     So, what do you think? 

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