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The Top Ten Worst Realtor PhotosGood for a laugh at the beginning of the New Year - too bad this is not a joke, however!
Google today announced a new standard for helping search engines index video, Video Sitemaps.Video Sitemaps is an extension of the Sitemap Protocol that helps make your videos more searchable via Google Video Search. By submitting this video-specific Sitemap in addition to your standard Sitemap, ...
Recently my server has been blacklisted by some major providers, such as Comcast and AOL.  Why?  Because of the multitude of SPAM being sent through my mail servers, via my clients Windows based email.After spending hours speaking with representatives from both AOL and Comcast, we determined that...
Horowitz Associates’ just-released report, Broadband Content and Services 2007, reveals the rapid growth in consumption of broadband video among adult Internet users.  According to the 2007 report, a full, six out of ten (61%) high speed Internet users watch/download online video content at least...
 This is very cool - check it out!  
More on why video must be in your search engine marketing mix. This is a good explanation of the new Universal search being used by all major search engines and how video factors into the search engine results pages, pushing more traditional websites down several notches.
Anyone having any problems with RealEstateABC?A number of my clients subscribe to their newsletter, and use the content to send out a monthly newsletter to their clients.Since they were sold about a year and a half ago, the customer service has become abysmal - actually non-existent.The newslette...
A ComScore report has further confirmed that Google's YouTube completely dominates the online video market.The report covered September 2007, and looked at which sites people used to view videos on, as well as other ongoing trends in the Internet video market.YouTube Completely DominatesGoogle si...
Nobody will argue that a home decorated for Christmas is beautiful.  However, nobody will disagree that a listing photo or video tour featuring beautiful Christmas decorations looks ridiculous and dated..... in April or July!Of course, summer flowers and green grass also date photos, but that sea...

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