community video tours: New Hampshire realtor uses video to showcase local communities & events - 02/05/10 10:29 PM

Agent Applause, a terrific website which highlights creating or inspirational marketing ideas by Realtors throughout the country.  A great place to go for new ideas or "out of the box" marketing ideas for real estate!  Check it out at
This week one of my clients, Rudy Mayer, was featured due to his use of video, not just with property tours (he does those for every listing), but also to highlight his market area and why someone might want to consider moving to the Southern New Hampshire area.
As Agent Applause mentions, these videos are NOT selling real estate, … (9 comments)

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When most buyers and sellers are searching online - especially early in their search - the last thing they are interested in is a house salesperson!What they are looking for is education, information, listings, and generally learning the process of home buying or selling as they casually sift through and absorb the seemingly endless amounts of information available online.
If you want to learn about cities such as Boston or Chicago or any other major city, it's very easy to find plenty of that online. But if you're interested in a small, residential community or a small neighborhood in a major … (45 comments)

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