investments: What's Your Game Plan? - 12/10/11 11:36 PM
If you are an active investor or thinking of becoming one what is your game plan for the properties you now own or for the next one you will be buying?
If you’re investing in Real Estate whether it is a single dwelling, condo, duplex, apartment the next time you are planning on purchasing a property, think about why this property rather than another. What do you intend to do with that property? Rent, flip, hold for a few years etc? Hopefully you are investing in RE with some goals in mind.  Where do these goals fit into your … (2 comments)

investments: Are you concerned about your retirement? What are you doing about it? - 11/26/11 01:42 PM
It's time once again for YOU to take charge of your retirement planning as we suspect that you are deeply concerned about seeing you assets decline to perhaps the lowest level ever and now you are wondering what can YOU do about it right ? . As you continue to see the downhill slide of this economy YOU are wondering what your financial future holds right? YOU cannot be terribly excited about investing your hard earned money in anything right now; however we would encourage you to consider investing in Real Estate as now is exactly the time to invest some … (1 comments)

investments: How do you recognize a good deal? - 11/25/11 11:46 AM
Working with a Realtor that understands this market is a tremendous resource for anyone contemplating becoming an investor. Experienced Realtors that are also investors bring a tremendous knowledge that only comes with lots of experience, research, and education. Knowing what is a good deal or not should not be left up to chance. Is a $50,000 property a good deal, is a $100,000 property a good deal. The answer - it depends. To help you recognize what is a good deal or not a number of factors should be taken into consideration: 1. Cash Flow Will this property cash flow? What is … (0 comments)

investments: Can you achieve your Real Estate goals without a road map? - 11/25/11 11:43 AM
Ask anyone that has made a lot of money in the Real Estate "Game" and they will tell you that they follow a business plan (Action steps) and do not  leave things up to chance. These action Steps should give you an idea of the road map you can follow towards wealth building. •Step 1: Develop a business plan (Real Estate is a "business" whether you have 1 property or 100) •STEP 2: Make good practical decisions right from the start. Become a student of this "game "and learn as much as possible even before you make your first … (6 comments)

investments: Are you going to procrastinate again in 2012 or get in the game? - 11/25/11 11:20 AM
 Why begin your investment venture in Metro/Omaha today and not tomorrow? 2011 is just about history, so are you going to continue to procrastinate or to finally take the first step? If you have been thinking about investing in Real Estate for a while now, there is not a better time to do so than right now as there are hundreds of deals on any given day on the Multiple Listing Service that make great rentals or flipping candidates. Real Estate has created more self made millionaires than literally any other investment option and we personally know of many individuals in … (0 comments)

investments: Is fear getting in the way to start investing? - 11/12/10 07:04 PM
Fear keeps so many aspiring investors from taking that first step. All of us on the Omaha Real Estate Investing Team can help turn that fear into the confidence you need to begin building your financial future because we are also investors .Practical knowledge  and experience speak volumes. If you are an investor or thinking of becoming one in all likelihood you know of friends, associates, etc. that have talked to you about Real Estate and all have their opinions about it right? If any of you have attended  an investor meeting lately, how many different strategies did you hear? All … (2 comments)

investments: Do you know anyone that is in Paralysis Analysis Mode? - 07/27/10 03:53 PM
If you are an investor or thinking of becoming one in all likelihood you know friends, associates, etc. that have talked to you about Real Estate and all have their opinions about it  right? Did you get 10-15 opinions? If any of you have gone to an investor meeting lately, how many different strategies did you hear? They will tell you that they have the "best" strategy for this or that. All are trying to help, but sometimes the opposite is true and they add to the confusion. Here's my answer: Ultimately, regardless of the different opinions you are getting, who … (0 comments)

investments: How are your current Rentals measuring up? Is it time to sell the one(s) not performing? - 01/01/10 12:37 AM
When you purchased your rental property 1-3-5-20 years ago you in all likelihood made a terrific investment right? Maybe yes, maybe no.
When was the last time that you took the time to determine if your property is meeting your needs or not. Is your property located in an area that is desirable?, is it in a family friendly neighborhood?, are you attracting the kind of tenants that you want? Does it need repairs that you are avoiding? Could you sell your property easily in an emergency? Could you do something else with your money? How do you know if your … (1 comments)


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